My Scouting Report for Kyle Pitts

Kyle Pitts

Team : Florida Gators (FB) | Sports : Football | Position : TE | Status : Active | Location :United States

Player Scouting Report

Players Scouting Reviewer : mgomes429 . Position :Tight End [TE]

He is very fast considering he is a TE. He has more of a slender build in terms of the position he plays but he is still big enough. If I had to put a time on his 40 he probably runs in the high 4.4ยด's low 4.5's
Pass Catching
He makes some really good catches and will extend his arms to make the catch. Although watching film there are some inconsitincies in terms often trying to catch with his body.
Route Running
His atletisicm helps him in certain routes such as slants or open concepts routes with large zones. I was concerned that he does get jammed and does not get off press coverage. He is not the biggest TE but he is still bigger than most corners and safties.
He does need to get stronger and it might help him to gain 5 to 10 lbs so that he gets a stronger base when blocking or working through press coverage. He currently weighs 239 and it would be better if he got to 245 or 250.
Run Blocking
He will block but is not strong enough to maintain his blocks against bigger defenders.That's to be expected as most TE's are not great blockers. There job is just to maintain the block long enough for the play to develop. Maybe with in extra 5 to 10 lbs he can be more consitent with bigger defenders.
He is what I call a fluid mover. His transition from catch to run is very smooth and for a bigger bodied pass catcher is very impressive. He is the most atletically gifted TE in this class.
Run After Catch
He is just a very fluid mover. He runs very well and can outrun safteies and corners as well. He has good speed and is certainly a vertical threat.
Big Play Ability
He is a big play waiting to happen. He is athletically gifted and with space can outrun most defenders. He makes alot of outstanding catches as well. He can high point the football and will make contested catches occassionally.
I did not see any injuries in my research.
The production was not great and has been a bit underwhelming. In 2018 he only had 3 catches for 73 yards and 1 TD, while in 2019 he improved that drastically and had 54catches 649 yards and 5TD's.
I can not judge as I have not personally met with him.
He has got a ton of upside and with proper development can be one of the better vertical threats at the TE position. He does need to work on his run blocking along with his route running. With time if he can build consitency he can be very dangerous.
His production was ok and it was nothing exceptional. He had bad QB play throughout the year so that also effects his ability to make plays as well.
He is a gifted athlete for the TE position and is in easy mover. He can high point the catch and make some outstnding grabs. He is also 6'6 239 which is decent size foir the position.
He needs to work on his play strength and a gain 5 to 10 lbs. He can get manhandeled at the line of scrimmage at times; and struggles to get off of press coverage. This is a strength issue and he needs to get bigger and stronger. He is also lazy sometimes when running his routes and it could cause him to get tackled immediatley. He needs to be more aggressive as well in run blocking.
Overall Analysis
There is a ton to like about Kyle Pitts. His atletisicm pops off the screen at you. He is an easy mover with big play ability and is also 6'6 239 lbs with room to get bigger. He needs time to get stronger and develop his route running further. There is a lot of upside but not enough consitency or production. We will see how he does this year and if he has improved his play strength. Projected Round ( Top 20) Personal Projection (Late 1st to Mid 2nd)
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Gerald Everett
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