My Scouting Report for Kyle Pitts

Kyle Pitts

Team : Florida Gators (FB) | Sports : Football | Position : TE | Status : Active | Location :United States

Player Scouting Report

Players Scouting Reviewer : johnpes . Position :Tight End [TE]

Good speed for a player his size, especially a tight end. Too fast for most linebackers to cover and uses it to help gain separation from faster corners as well. Does not have the speed to rip off huge gains consistently.
Pass Catching
With a 6'6" frame, Pitts has a huge catch radius that allows him to come down with high throws that many players can't. He does a good job making contested catches but had a few concentration drops last season.
Route Running
Pitts runs slants and other routes across the middle very well utilizing his size and quickness to get in positions to make catches. However, he can definitely add more routes to his arsenal to make him a more difficult player to cover.
Pitts utilizes his strength to make tough catches in traffic and run after the catch through smaller defensive players. However, he can sometimes get jammed at the line and his run blocking is very suspect. Increased strength would help these areas of his game greatly and allow him to be an every down TE at the next level.
Run Blocking
Though Kyle Pitts is willing to try to block opposing players, he is not very good at it. Far too often this past season Pitts could not maintain blocks and even whiffed on some occasions. At 6'6", he has the height to be a really effective blocker, but needs to add some weight, strength, and technique.
For a tall tight end, Pitts moves well with the ball in the open field and is able to make some guys miss, though not too frequently.
Run After Catch
Kyle Pitts does a good job turning up field once he gets the ball in his hands. He can make guys miss from time to time and has the strength to carry defenders for extra yards. However, he does not have the speed to run past defenders for huge gains.
Big Play Ability
In 2019, Pitts didn't have a gain longer than 32 yards for the Gators. Given more opportunities down the field though, I think he can produce some bigger plays as he can go up and make catches over elite defenders such as LSU's Grant Delpit.
Pitts is a huge receiving threat for the Gators given his size, pass catching ability, and his speed for his size. He can also run some crisp routes across the middle of the field where he uses his size and speed to create mismatches against defenders. A large catch radius helps him come down with a lot of tough balls. He has the versatility to line up and run routes all across the field.
Pitts's run blocking is a major hole in his game. He struggles to hold blocks far too often and it prevents him from being an every down tight end. He has a slender frame so he can use some more weight, that would also help his strength.
Overall Analysis
Kyle Pitts is a catch first tight end who is a match up nightmare for defenses. He is too big for most DBs to cover and too fast for most LBs. Though most likely a first round talent, he lacks the run blocking skills to be a true every down tight end for NFL teams. In 2020, it will be interesting to see if he gets an increased workload with the departure to the NFL of Van Jefferson, as well as if he makes noticeable strides in trying to improve his run blocking.
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Darren Waller
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