My Scouting Report for Kenny Pickett

Kenny Pickett

Team : Pittsburgh Panthers (FB) | Sports : Football | Position : QB | Status : Active | Location :United States

Player Scouting Report

Players Scouting Reviewer : mgomes429 . Position :Quarterback [QB]

Arm Strength/Power
His arm strength is solid and you can definitley notice the velocity on some of the throws he makes. He will struggle to throw it down the field though often leaving the throw short of the mark.
Short Accuracy (1-10 yds)
His short throws can sometimes be thrown behind the reciever and this makes it hard for them to run after the catch.He needs to be more consistent with his placement and throw it a bit more in front of the reciever especially on slants.
Imtermediate Accuracy (10-20 yds)
I see some really good throws to the sideline with good velocity and sometimes this velocity can mask the less than ideal placement. There are times he throws the football to the front shoulder rather than the back shoulder. But in terms of velocity he has enough to get it to the outroute with relative ease.
Long Accuracy (20+ yds)
I did not see alot of throws down the field but from the ones I did see he failed to complete one pass. He often throws off his back foot when he goes deep even though his mechanics are usually solid. I suspect he does this due to the pressure he gets from defenders.
Pocket Presence
His pocket presence is not bad and he is willing to take some shots in the pocket to deliever the throw. But when he is pressured to quickly he will throw off his back foot.
His mobility is pretty solid but I would not consider him an ultra athlete. He is more of a player with really good functional mobility and fits the mold of today's QB. he will escape pressure and outrun slower defenders for first downs on occassion.
He is very hesitant and this is a huge problem for him. He will see the open reciever but than he hesitates on the throw and makes it much more diffucult on himself
When he has a clean pocket his mechanics are very solid all throughout. He has good high placment on the ball before the throw and he has a high release point. Although he throws with a downwards trajectory which leads to batted balls.
He had a shoulder injury in 2019 against UCF that caused him to miss a few games.He also had a knee injury in 2018 that he suffered against Georgia Tech in 2018
I do not know as I have not met with him before.
Game Management
He is a bit to inconsitent with his throws to be able to mange the game properly as he often throws behing his recievers. This causes his recievers to have to adjust to the throw.
It runs hot and cold. He has games where he throws for 3 TD's like he did against Eastern Michigan. But then against better competition like Georgia Tech he throws for 2 INT's.
He is 6"2 225 which is a really solid size for the QB position. I only which he was an extra inch or two taller.
I would say he probably runs in the high 4.7s from what I saw on film.
Play-Making Ability
There is some playmaking ability in his game as he escapes pressure and throws in to tight windows. It actually was quite suprising to see. if he can improve on his throwing mecahnics on the run he has got a chance to be slighltly dangerous in off scheduel situations.
His production was honestly horrible as he failed to throw for 30 TD's over the course of 3 seasons. 2019 13 TD's 9 INT's 2018 12 TD's 6 INT´'s
He has got some upside but he needs a bit of time to develop. He is labled as a developmental prospect.
I do not know as I have not met him before.
He is inconsistent and needs to be better with his placement in order to avoid turnovers.
He has got really solid mechanics and he has got asolid arm. He is also more mobile than anticipated. He has got the ability to fit the football in to tight windows and showcases good velocity on his throws. I was immpressed by his mechanics as well which helps him with that extra bit of velocity he has on his throws especially his out routes.
He does not have the best descion making and is inconsitent with his ball placement. He needs to improve his deep ball accuracy and be more consistent delivering the football with a higher trejectory point. As on film I saw quite a number of batted balls. He needs a few seasons to refine his game but he has got a chance to develop in to something given the right coaches and situation.
Overall Analysis
He is a developmental prospect through and through and he needs to develop his decision making and accuracy in all facets of his game. He has got solid mobility and has a good arm with really good velocity. He has got some playmaking ability and can fit it in to tight windows. heis mechanics are also very solid. But all other aspects of his game need to improve including his decsion making, anticpation and timing as well as his throwing angle. He needs to throw it at a higher angle to avoid batted balls. Projected Rounds (6th-7th) Team Fit (Atlanta, New Orleans)
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Jarrett Stidham
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