My Scouting Report for K.J. Costello

K.J. Costello

Team : Stanford Cardinal (FB) | Sports : Football | Position : QB | Status : Active | Location :United States

Player Scouting Report

Players Scouting Reviewer : TFriedlaender . Position :Quarterback [QB]

Arm Strength/Power
He has a good arm for college but would his arm isn't going to stand out in the NFL.
Short Accuracy (1-10 yds)
He is really proficient with routes crossing over the middle. Can get the ball outside the numbers to hit quick out routes and curls.
Imtermediate Accuracy (10-20 yds)
He is good at hitting the crossing routes and seam routes. He throws back shoulder throws on the outside consistently. He likes to fit the ball in tight windows has a tendency to over throw in these cases.
Long Accuracy (20+ yds)
He tends to over throw on long throws. When he does complete a long throw the receiver rarely catches it in stride. He does throw a really catch able jump ball in 1 V 1 situations.
Pocket Presence
He struggles when there is pressure, and it seems like he has a hard time deciphering blitzes. When he has room to step up he is solid at either running for some yards or dumping the ball off to a check down receiver.
He is mobile enough to step up in the pocket and pick you up a first down. But he is not really able to run away from anyone or break many tackles so he is limited. Really likes to stay in the pocket and step up, not a lot of roll outs.
He goes through his progressions well and can normally find the open man, good knowledge of coverage's it seems. When there is no one that open he will try to force it which leads to a lot of his INT's. He could do a better job at reading and picking up blitzes.
He moves his feet well in the pocket and when he steps up, consistently has his feet under him and ready to throw. When he is pressured or pushed outside of the pocket he struggles to stay balanced and is inaccurate. I also think his throwing motion is a tad slow and I feel like he can improve that over the off-season.
He missed time last year for a multitude of injuries, none of which should effect him long term. Played a full year the year prior.
Game Management
He has good control of the offense and doesn't make too many costly mistakes. I noticed that he seemed to get better as the game went on, he had a really impressive comeback win Vs. Oregon in 2018.
He is generally really smart with the football. But he likes to force throws in tight windows over the middle where it is more likely to get intercepted.
He is an ideal size at 6'5 222 lbs.
He is mobile enough to pick up a few yards here and there, but he is not out running anyone.
Play-Making Ability
Doesn't create plays with his feet and is really more comfortable throwing short quick routes. He gains most of his big plays by throwing the jump ball to his receiver in 1 V 1 coverage.
He doesn't rack up a lot of yards or TD's, and he throws a 65% completion percentage. He wins a good amount of games at a high level though.
He had a really good season last year, in the small amount of games he played this year he was not as good as a year prior. Had a losing record this year.
He looks the part of an NFL QB at 6'5 222 lbs. He has a strong arm that can make all the throws, and uses it to make tight window throws. He is best when he is throwing over the middle of the field where he can rocket the ball into the body of his receivers. He likes to step up in the pocket where he has the option to run or to step into a throw. He likes to get the ball out of his hands quickly, but when he throws deep he has great touch on jump balls to his receivers in 1 V 1 coverage.
When he is not able to step up in the pocket or he has pressure in his face he tends to be really inaccurate, he gets rushed and throws it off his back foot. He struggles with picking up blitzes through protection schemes. He likes to force throws over the middle of the field, there were multiple times when the ball was tipped straight into the air for an easy interception. The ball sometimes comes out wobbly and not a spiral from his hand which makes it more difficult to catch.
Overall Analysis
I think he has the physical tools to be an NFL QB, but he needs to come more comfortable throwing under pressure and on the run. He could be so much better if he didn't rush his throws and force it over the middle all the time, I think it would be helpful if he worked outside the numbers more. K.J. doesn't have elite arm talent and he is not particularly gifted at reading defenses or picking up blitzes, and I really don't like how he forces the ball over the middle of the field. Unless he shows major growth this year at Mississippi St I would probably wait for the 4th or 5th round to think about drafting him.
Compares to
Brock Osweiler, Christian Hackenberg
Untapped potential
peak potential
post peak