My Scouting Report for Justyn Ross

Justyn Ross

Team : Clemson Tigers (FB) | Sports : Football | Position : WR | Status : Active | Location :United States

Player Scouting Report

Players Scouting Reviewer : mgomes429 . Position :Wide Receiver [WR]

His speed is solid if I had to put a time I would say low to mid 4.5's which is plenty fast for a receiver the 6'4 205.
Pass Catching
I think he has got tremendous hands and body control. He knows how to locate the football and snatch it with his hands. It really is impressive how natural this is to him and his ability to just rip the ball out of the air.
Route Running
He is a route runner who understands concepts and knows how to manipulate his body movement to trick the defender into biting on the route. He does not try to win with overall quickness but rather technique. But this is no indication that he does not possess enough quickness he does it's just not as great as some other receivers. you will see on film he doesn't create a lot of separation but its usually enough for him.
He is not overly powerful but does a great job of using his body and length to overpower receivers at the point of the catch.
Vertical Ability
He has enough speed to get vertical but will struggle to create a lot of separation. His separation is created by either good route running, a great catch, or a missed assignment by the defender.
Run after Catch
He has got enough speed to gain some yards after the catch but will get caught by more elite defenders who possess sub 4.4 speed.
Catching in Traffic
He has got a natural ability to attack the football at the point of catch and adjusting his body to make the catch. And because he lacks enough quickness and separation to cause enough space between him and the defender he is usually catching the football in traffic with a defender or two around him.
Big Play Ability
If you need him to catch the football down the field and make a contested catch he is your man. He adjusts and uses his long arms as a separation tool to grab the football and with strong hands holds on to it.
He will miss the entire 2020 season due to a neck and spinal injury that he suffered in Spring practice. This is such a shame as there were very high expectations for him this upcoming season. This is by far my biggest concern with him as a prospect.
He will make contested catches more often than not and his game lives off of being physical at the point of the catch.
46 REC's for 1,000 yards and 9 TD's in 2018in 14 games 66 REC's for 865 yards and 8 TD's in 2019 in 14 games
I don't know as I have not met him before.
Deep Threat
He can win deep just due to his ability to adjust to throws and make the catch. his length allows him to stop and adjust to the football in the air creating enough separation for him.
Over the Middle
He will catch it over the middle and locate the football with relative ease. He can high point the football using his 6'4 frame and utilize his length to catch it over the LB into the open zone of the defense.
I 'am a huge fan of his game because he has good overall athleticism along with size and hands to be a dominant receiver at the next level. Although his injury is a major concern and moving forward I hope he can bounce back from that to have a productive career in the NFL.
He had more receptions last year but had fewer yards but I'm not overly worried about that.
He has got tremendous length at 6'4 and 205 lbs to go along with good athleticism. His biggest strength is his ability to adjust to the football and make consistent catches in traffic. He has got good hands and his ability to pluck the ball in the air and over defender's heads is amazing. He is also a smart route runner who utilizes technique and his size to create separation on his routes.
He lacks elite quickness and speed. He won't separate immediately from the defender and will usually be hip to hip with the CB. My biggest concern is the injury he suffered this past Spring that will cause him to miss the entire 2020 season. He has a neck and spinal issue. He also has a congenital fusion which was derived from birth. Doctors also discovered a bulging disc in the X Rays. This is a massive concern and the player's safety is the priority. Hopefully, he can have a full recovery ao that he can have a long-lasting career in the NFL.
Overall Analysis
Justyn Ross is an extremely talented player with an enormous amount of potential and receiver 1 traits. Although he has got some massive injury concerns that might force teams to remove him from their draft boards. If he is healthy he is the number one receiver in next year's draft but to the injury concerns, he will probably have to wait a bit for he is cleared to play again and showcase his talents. Pre Injury Projection (Top 5) Post Injury Projection (Mid 3rd to 5th Round)
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Randy Moss
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