My Scouting Report for Justin Herbert

Justin Herbert

Team : Oregon Ducks (FB) | Sports : Football | Position : QB | Status : Active | Location :United States

Player Scouting Report

Players Scouting Reviewer : mrossi78 . Position :Quarterback [QB]

Arm Strength/Power
Great velocity on his passes to put the ball into small windows. Enough arm strength to make every throw. Not a concern at all.
Short Accuracy (1-10 yds)
Hits receivers in stride on crossing routes. Sets and fires to the sidelines and the ball almost always gets there.
Imtermediate Accuracy (10-20 yds)
Great accuracy between the numbers. Misses a few throws when he doesn't set his feet. Very few missed throws to the sideline, receiver has a chance to make a play most of the time. Some back-shoulder throws are missed.
Long Accuracy (20+ yds)
Has bad overthrows deep on film. Also has a few throws that he fits perfectly into a small window. Other throws give the receiver a chance even if it's not perfect.
Pocket Presence
Good understanding of his protections, doesn't get jumpy, looks comfortable while waiting for plays to develop. Doesn't always feel the pass rush early enough. Needs to develop his mental clock. Sometimes sees a hole to run through and doesn't see an open reciever.
Athletic, good at throwing on the run, comfortably makes plays outside the pocket. Not especially elusive but buys time with long strides. Not great lateral movement to avoid rushers. Picks up first downs with his legs.
Uses vision to anticipate receivers coming out of their break. Makes reads and finds his second and third options and check downs. Sometimes looks through underneath defenders leading to dangerous throws. Keeps eyes downfield well.
Solid mechanics, no real issues. Can sometimes get too wide in his base leading to overthrows.
Left the Oregon state game early with an injury. Broke his collarbone against Cal his sophomore year.
He will be the unquestioned leader at Oregon this year. Leadership has been compared to Marcus Mariota. Stong off-field leader in the classroom. Strong leadship qualities.
Game Management
Has the decision making ability to manage a game. Much better in the first half of games. Doesn't often make bad mistakes. Game management was not Oregon's style. Not always clutch in close games.
Very good at making reads and deciding where to go with the ball. Sometimes throws the ball late into tight coverage trying to force it to his receiver. Makes good decisions when plays go as planned. Decision making suffers when plays break down and he has to go off script.
6'6, 233. Prototype size and well built
Takes a while to get up to speed. Not really that fast but opponents often underestimate it. Long strides eat up yards and he can pick up first downs if he breaks out of the pocket.
Play-Making Ability
He makes a lot of plays with his arm and can move the chains with his legs. Offensive system is geared to let skill players make plays by running after the catch. Has all the ability needed to make plays, just has to hit them more consistently when throwing the long ball.
Highly productive over his career. 3,151 yds and 29 TDs in 2018. A lot of his stats come from runs after the catch where Herbert didn't do the hard work.
High football IQ and a smart kid in general (studying to become a doctor). Understands football at a deep level. Loves the game and plays with emotion. Early in his career would get overly emotional after making a mistake.
No concerns at all. The guy you want as the face of the franchise and as an example to the rest of your team.
Had some games where he was fantastic (Stanford, Cal) and other games he couldn't get anything going (Washington State, Washington). In the bad games the whole team played poorly so it wasn't all his fault. Sometimes plays one good half and one where he's just "okay".
Anticipation. Arm talent. Footwork in the pocket. Ball placement inside the numbers. Overall accuracy. Doesn't miss easy throws. Comfortable throwing short to intermediate passes and driving the ball down field. Sells play action well. Unquestioned leader and his teammates trust him completely. Extremely intelligent with a deep understanding of the game. Makes the people around him better. Extremely good character.
Accuracy suffers when he has to go to his second or third option. Decision making is suspect when plays go off script. Throwing deep he sails a lot of balls over the receiver's head. A lot of times he is only reading one side of the field. Doesn't make checks at the line, doesn't have to adjust protections, plays come from coaches on the sideline (not his fault but still concerns). Not elusive enough to avoid rushers. A lot of his production is from runs after the catch where Herbert isn't the one doing the real work. Not always clutch in close games. Some games he plays one good half and one half where you go "who is this guy?"
Overall Analysis
I am a believer in Justin Herbert. He has every tool you look for in a franchise QB and has the mental capabilities, leadership, and character to go with it. The good news is, all those weaknesses listed are fixable or will change when he gets to the NFL. The only one that concerns me is the part where he only plays one half of a game and that only happened a few times. However, without Justin Herbert the Ducks wouldn't have even broken .500 in 2018 (they went 9-4 and won a bowl game).
Compares to
Best: Joe Flacco or Carson Wentz, Worst: Blake Bortles
Untapped potential
peak potential
post peak