My Scouting Report for Justin Herbert

Justin Herbert

Team : Oregon Ducks (FB) | Sports : Football | Position : QB | Status : Active | Location :United States

Player Scouting Report

Players Scouting Reviewer : mgomes429 . Position :Quarterback [QB]

Arm Strength/Power
He has effortless velocity on his throws. He can easily throw out routes.
Short Accuracy (1-10 yds)
At times he leads receiver when the pass is meant to be a screen. Also, he can be high at times with his throws. Check Auburn vs Oregon 2019 1st Qt 13:05. May be due to throwing from a tall frame which causes a high point of release in his throwing motion.
Imtermediate Accuracy (10-20 yds)
He can throw intermediate throws. Our route is often thrown with good velocity due to set feet and a powerful arm. Throws of 15 to 20 yards often easier for him due to his big size and high release point. Check Arizona State vs Oregon 2nd Qt 1:00 minute left he throws a long throw with good velocity and accuracy. Again it helps that he is tall and has a naturally high release point.
Long Accuracy (20+ yds)
He relies too much on his arm strength and often times has bad lower body mechanics. This causes him to have inaccurate deep throws. Oregon vs Oregon St 2018 1st Qt 8:50.
Pocket Presence
His mechanics are shaky when he gets under duress and unable at times to set his feet and throw in accurate football. Often times when he tries to escape the pocket and run he can throw a very accurate football with velocity. But when he is forced to reset his feet his throws became high and he relies more on his receivers to make a play. 2nd TD pass vs Auburn, it was a good throw but hes athletic enough to escape and make a similar throw on the run.
He can escape the pocket and create plays. He is not overly quick but is fast considering his size. The first TD against Auburn in 2019 showcased his ability to get in the endzone with his feet while also avoiding some defenders. He is a big physical presence who can run and throw on the run.
Get stuck on his pre-snap reads and needs to go through progressions faster. Often times when he goes to his second progression he does not reset his feet and sails the football over his receivers head.
When he is pressured he does not reset his feet often creating a wide base which causes him to be inaccurate.
Justin Herbert has been relatively healthy throughout his career.
I cannot judge this as I have not met with him personally and I do not know how he acts around his teammates.
Game Management
Often times tries to make the big throw or throw to the wide-open man downfield. He misses the easy throws and makes the difficult ones on the run
Has only thrown 1 interception so far in 2019 so I would say he makes good decisions. Although he needs to learn how to go through progressions better.
He is 6''6 and 240lbs and he can run.
He has got really good speed for a guy his size.
Play-Making Ability
He can escape the pocket and make plays on the run. Although he often does not set his feet and can throw inaccurately when trying to make a play.
He has got good production but nothing crazy. he completes an average of about 65% of his passes in his career so far which is pretty solid.
This is probably what teams are hoping to pan out. He is athletic, possesses very good arm strength and is big. He has got everything you look for in a franchise QB. Now he needs to process the field better and improve his footwork. if he can do that he has a chance to be a very good QB.
I have not spoken to him so I do not know.
He has not thrown double-digit interceptions in his career so he definitely knows how to take care of the football.
He is a big athletic thrower. He has a high release point which helps avoid batted passes. He has really good velocity on his football. He can outrun defenders with enough speed especially for a guy who is 6"6 240lbs.
He does not have great mechanics from his lower body, he keeps a wide base. Often missing high on throws even some as simple as a screen pass. He needs to learn how to reset his feet when he gets pressured and should throw it away instead of taking hits. He must also learn how to progress through his reads faster so he has time to reset his feet and make an accurate throw downfield.
Overall Analysis
He has a lot of room to grow and I hope for his sake he gets time to develop and isn't rushed in to start. Right now I would say he is a Day 2 prospect. Early Round 2 to mid 3rd round prospect. If a team believes he can be a franchise QB than take him with a late 1st round pick similar to Paxton Lynch but be warned he may not be ready and will need time to develop into an NFL starting QB.
Compares to
Paxton Lynch
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