My Scouting Report for Justin Fields

Justin Fields

Team : Ohio St. Buckeyes (FB) | Sports : Football | Position : QB | Status : Active | Location :United States

Player Scouting Report

Players Scouting Reviewer : myles.whitmore . Position :Quarterback [QB]

Arm Strength/Power
Fields can deliver tight-window passes with excellent velocity, especially at the short level of the field. However, his deep throws aren't miraculous.
Short Accuracy (1-10 yds)
His ball placement allows receivers to gain yardage after the catch, and his screen passing ability is stellar compared to most college QBs.
Imtermediate Accuracy (10-20 yds)
Finds open receivers at the intermediate level and gives them the opportunity to gain YAC. He also excels at throwing passes along the sidelines in this area, especially on back-shoulder throws.
Long Accuracy (20+ yds)
Not elite as a deep passer but he can make quality throws to open receivers within this range. He needs to mitigate the number of overthrows he has on deep passes.
Pocket Presence
Extremely aware of defenders when in the pocket, and has the ability to evade them most times. However, he tended to hold on the ball too long against tough defenses like Clemson.
Justin Fields is very efficient as a runner. He has a knack for getting first downs with his legs and possesses great accuracy when throwing on the run.
Throughout most games, Fields is able to locate open receivers while he goes through his progressions. A large part of his success in this area stems from Ryan Day's system, but he still excels as a distributor in most games.
Played through a nagging knee injury during the late part of last season.
Justin is still developing as a leader but he has a growing presence in the locker room.
Game Management
Fields is often able to extend drives due to his mobility, however his efficiency on third downs could be improved.
Aside from his game against Clemson, Justin Fields is a spectacular decision-maker who usually keeps the ball out of harm's way. Although his low interception numbers were aided by dropped interceptions from defensive backs
Satisfactory height and weight but not prototypical.
The last time Fields ran a 40-yard dash, he clocked in at 4.43 seconds. His speed is evident when he out-runs defenders after escaping the pocket.
Play-Making Ability
Fields is more a threat with his legs than his arm but his elusiveness as a dual-threat QB coupled with his arm strength enable him to pull off some miraculous plays.
Justin's poise, decision making, and football QB are stellar but his hesitation to let it loose holds him back from moving the chains at times.
No red flags or arrests
Elite level consistency throughout games and the entirety of the season.
One of the most underrated attributes associated with Justin Field's game is his skill-set as a distributor. Fields possess impeccable vision due to his ability to locate open receivers, especially in the short-range regardless of whether they are battling against tight coverage. After he locates these pass catchers, Fields regularly gives them an opportunity to gain yardage after the catch because he has great ball placement. Speaking of ball placement, Fields excels at the intermediate range of the field, especially on back-shoulder throws. Unlike some dual-threat QBs, Justin Fields displays a tremendous sense of comfort in the pocket. When he is in the pocket Fields exercises quality footwork, keeps his eyes down the field, and refrains from bailing too early even when there are defenders breathing down his neck. Although when he needs to avoid a sack or sees a large rushing lane, Fields' elusiveness gives him the ability to frequently escape pressure. Once on the run, Fields is an effective runner who can pick up first downs with his legs or throw an accurate pass to an open receiver. A large part of Fields' success is due to his intelligence. Throughout most games, Fields is a pretty smart QB who refrains from putting the ball in harm's way. His decision-making was partly rattled against Clemson in the CFP, but during most games, Justin Fields has shown that he is more than capable of reading defenses. Moreover, he is able to regularly go through his progressions and find an open receiver. While his vision is aided by Ryan Day's fantastic scheme, Fields would probably be able to succeed in this area in a less creative system.
One aspect that Justin Fields needs to improve in his deep ball accuracy. He isn't bad in this area, but he could challenge Trevor Lawrence's spot as the best QB heading into the 2020 season if he can mitigate his overthrows. Although as proven by his performance against Florida Atlantic, Fields possesses enough touch to complete quality passes deep down the field to open receivers. Plus, as Fields himself has noted, this issue will most likely be remedied in the off-season, after he refines his mechanics. In terms of managing games, Fields isn't particularly efficient on third-downs as a passer, especially in clutch situations. However, on both early on late downs, Fields has a tendency to hesitate and throw passes to receivers a tad late. While this issue was most apparent against teams like Michigan State, it is still something that he and the OSU coaching staff should keep an eye on.
Overall Analysis
Heading into the 2020 season, there is a lot for OSU fans to look forward to as it relates to Justin Fields. Currently, he excels at finding open receivers, keeping the ball out of harm's way and creating plays with his arms and legs. He still needs to work on his deep passing accuracy, but this is an area where he will most likely see improvement. As of right now, Fields is ranked as the second-best QB in the 2021 draft class by platforms, like Walter Football, but he could surpass Trevor Lawrence if he balls out next season. There is still a lot of moving factors that could increase or decrease his draft stock, but within Ryan Day's scheme, Fields will likely be a first-round draft pick after his third season.
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