My Scouting Report for Josh Rosen

Josh Rosen

Team : Miami Dolphins | Sports : Football | Position : QB | Status : Active | Location :United States

Player Scouting Report

Players Scouting Reviewer : mrossi78 . Position :Quarterback [QB]

Arm Strength/Power
Can throw the ball to every part of the field. Good but not great velocity and drive. Not concerned about arm strength but its not elite.
Short Accuracy (1-10 yds)
Good rhythm thrower. West coast offense requires a lot of shallow crosses, screens, slants and quick outs. Timing at UCLA was good and he rarely missed these. When he does, it's usually on outside throws and this is where most of his interceptions happen. Lots of tipped passes.
Imtermediate Accuracy (10-20 yds)
Ability to make these medium length throws stood out from others in his draft class. A lot of QBs struggle in this area but Rosen makes good decisions and good throws consistently. Again, struggles were on throws outside the numbers.
Long Accuracy (20+ yds)
On touch throws he has great ball placement. When his feet are set he can put the ball where it needs to be and give his guy the best chance to make a play. Doesn't always lead a receiver on deep crosses or posts. Puts too much air under the ball at times. Makes some bad decisions that lead to bad passes but that is a different area.
Pocket Presence
He got thrown to the wolves in his rookie year. He was noticably uncomfortable in the pocket and for good reason. He was sacked 45 times in 13 full games. He started to hitch up into the pocket in anticipation of pressure from the outside. In college, his pocket presence was a strength.
He is a pure pocket passer. He can get yards if given space but it's a last resort for him. This limits his ability to make plays.
Missed a lot of reads this season. Didn't process defenses quickly and didn't find his recievers in time to make a good throw. BUT he completed 55% of his passes with the leagues worst O-line and an outmatched receiving corps. Was good at manipulating defenders with his eyes in college but don't see the payoff yet as a pro.
Coming into the league he had the most pro ready mechanics in his draft class. He still has the mechanics but they weren't as consistent as a Cardinal.
Giving credit where he deserves it, Rosen got hit a ton, and got up every time. Started and finished 13 games with the leagues worst O-line. Had injury issues in college including concussions.
Not the charismatic leader, not the most vocal, not a guy everyone can identify with and get behind. Leads by his even keel attitude, and by his level of play. Looks like a guy who was a leader because he was always the best player on the team. Well liked by teammates. Will have to earn respect of grown men for the first time in his life.
Game Management
When your team is consistently giving up points and you're playing from behind game management is hard. Rosen has all the tools to be a good game manager but the Cardinals were not a team that could "manage" games.
Slow. Looked scared at times, although this is understandable given how bad the Cardinals were. Late on a lot of throws his rookie year. Made the right decisions EVENTUALLY. Didn't have time or was just late to make the right read. Tries to force balls through good coverage but not sure he had any other options. Passes up the easy throw trying to make the big play.
6'4 and 226 lbs. Still looks like he has room to get stronger.
4.92 40 yard dash. Not fast enough to avoid rushers. He knows he isn't fast and will avoid running if at all possible.
Play-Making Ability
He has the ability to make big plays with his arm. His arm strength and touch allow him to hit recievers downfield. Tries to force things downfield at times.
Highly productive in college. Not much production in his rookie season but he played on the worst team in the league. Never developed timing with Card's receivers. Offensive coordinator change mid-season. Stats were in the same area as fellow rookies Sam Darnold and Josh Allen. All things considered his production was fine.
Anticipation, timing, pre-snap reads and reading progressions were all strengths at UCLA, but didn't improve at the NFL level. Did a lot of little things very well at UCLA and needs to get back to doing those things in the NFL. Has to speed up his mental game. Questionable leadership and coachability. Has to be in the right situation to allow those pieces to help him instead of hurt him.
Concerns about leadership and coachability. Never got in trouble. Questions about how willing he is to learn.
Ability doesn't always match his performances. Had games where he was dominant and looked like one of the best players on the field and other games he looked like he didn't belong at all. Was up and down at UCLA too but not as bad as in the NFL.
Most effective making throws over the middle of the field based on passer rating charts (NFL Next Gen Stats). Pocket passer with outstanding mechanics and footwork and showed the intangibles of a great QB in college. Has NFL level arm talent but is average in comparison to all QBs in the league. Rhythm passing on short and intermediate throws is good.
Struggles to extend plays and make throws outside the pocket because he is slow. Needs to improve his decision making and be faster with his reads. Has to be more consistent and get his production to match his ability. Had trouble with rookie things although these are overblown because of his "pro-ready" label coming out of UCLA. He let the pressure, frustration, and the beatings get to him and was noticeably uncomfortable on the field as a Cardinal. The character and leadership concerns are weaknesses until he proves otherwise.
Overall Analysis
It's unfair to evaluate Rosen based on his rookie season. How much of his struggles were on him and how much was a result of the situation he was in? It's easy to make an argument for both or a combination of the two. However, looking at him as a prospect and not a second year quarterback on his third team in as many years with his 4th offensive coordinator, he is still a very promising prospect. Don't give up on Josh Rosen. The trade to the Dolphins might be exactly what Rosen needs to be the QB everyone expects him to be.
Compares to
Best: Jared Goff, Worst: Teddy Bridgewater
Untapped potential
peak potential
post peak