My Scouting Report for Josh Norman

Josh Norman

Team : Buffalo Bills | Sports : Football | Position : CB | Status : Active | Location :United States

Player Scouting Report

Players Scouting Reviewer : myles.whitmore . Position :Cornerback [CB]

When Josh Norman first came into the NFL he was originally running a 4.66 40 yard dash, which was below average. After seven seasons in the NFL, his speed has gradually decreased every year. This made it harder for him to keep up with fast wide receivers, like Amari Cooper last season.
Even though Norman is widely known for his physical bump and run style coverage, he plays remarkably better when he plays off ball man coverage. When he presses WRs he often gets beat.
Displays good athletic ability when attempting to intercept the ball or cause a fumble.
Norman is slow to recover when beat in coverage. He frequently hesitates when he sees a WR or RB run down the field.
Play Recognition
Norman is good at recognizing what route the opposing WR is running on every play. However, his footwork is sometimes troublesome on comeback routes and double moves.
Exhibits decent tackling but is slow to engage in gang tackling opposing pass catchers and running backs on running plays. In fact, on run plays, he often shows no effort.
Man Coverage
Was tremendous in man coverage last year, was the Redskins best man coverage corner, especially in off the ball man coverage.
Zone Coverage
While the redskins mostly played man coverage last year, Norman is known for being equally talented in zone coverage as he is in man coverage. In fact, a zone scheme is often more suited for him because it helps him stay back off of speedy wide receivers and still be able to stay step for step with them.
Josh Norman ccumulated seven turnovers last year. Norman is notorious for actively stripping the ball from wide receivers, causing fumbles and diving to make outstanding interceptions.
Has only missed 3 games due to injuries in the NFL, but has become less durable as he's gotten older. However, he was able to play and start in all 16 games last season.
While Norman has had tense situations with players like Odell Beckham, Taylor Lewan, and Michael Thomas, he has no legal issues and only a few issues with teammates and coaches. These issues include wearing headphones during a team meeting and being called out by Deangelo Hall. Norman can be a hot head, but he is no worse than any other cornerback is.
Josh Norman displays great leadership, confidence, and a love for the game of football. He has a pretty good IQ and often had to pick up the slack for a Redskins secondary that lacked playmakers. What is troubling with Norman is that on some plays, he looks as if he isn't putting in the effort necessary to be considered elite. For instance, on running plays and plays where his teammates get beat in coverage, you can often see him jogging or walking.
Like most corners in the NFL, Norman's play is often inconsistent. Some games he is a lockdown corner and in other games, he gets beat down the field repeatedly. However, for the most part, he is pretty solid.
Josh Norman is a versatile cornerback who can play man and zone coverage well and displays great ball hawking and athletic ability.
As Norman gets older, his speed is becoming more and more of a liability, especially in press coverage, where he gets burned by fast WRs. His lack of speed makes it extremely difficult for him to recover if he gets beat on a route and is something that Jay Gruden needs to pay attention to. He also shows an inability to shed blocks by WRs.
Overall Analysis
Josh Norman has faced increasing scrutiny since his monster 2015 season in which he declared himself to be the best cornerback in the NFL. Many fans believe that he is one of the most overpaid athletes in the NFL, and many Redskins fans are wondering whether the 31-year-old corner is still worth the investment. In fact, even Jay Gruden has made it clear that he wants to see Norman bounce back and show signs of the 2015 and 2016 cornerback that many claimed to be elite. There are many areas for Josh Norman to improve next year. For instance, he has to make up for the 8 touchdowns, and 114.2 passer rating he surrendered in coverage last year. In addition, Norman needs to do a better job at recovering on routes when he is beat by a faster WR, and this can be accomplished through better footwork on comeback routes. Plus, Norman needs to do a way better job at shedding receiver blocks on run plays and being more engaged at stopping the run and making gang tackles. Although there is a lot for Norman to improve on, the Redskins defensive coaching staff needs to do a better job at putting him in the best situation to succeed. For instance, defensive coordinator, Greg Manusky, needs to stop having Josh Norman press receivers at the line of scrimmage because he can no longer keep up stride for stride with speedy WRs. However, when playing off the ball, Norman is extremely effective and is able to better utilize his physical playing style to lock down WRs. Additionally, the Redskins need to develop their other defensive backs, because they are often the ones who give up big plays down the field, instead of Norman. Overall, Norman is still a great cornerback and the best defensive back on the Redskins roster. Unfortunately for Washington, Norman is running out of effective seasons, the older he gets.
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