My Scouting Report for Jonathan Taylor

Jonathan Taylor

Team : Wisconsin Badgers (FB) | Sports : Football | Position : RB | Status : Active | Location :United States

Player Scouting Report

Players Scouting Reviewer : myles.whitmore . Position :Running Back [RB]

While at Wisconsin, Taylor had blazing acceleration that let him brush past defenders for breakaway runs.
When Taylor is in space, he is great at making defenders miss in space. His juke moves and hurdles are terrific for a guy with his size and power
Run Power
When Taylor's OL give him adequate blocking, Jonathan excels at moving the chains in short-yardage situations. He has the leg strength and tenacity necessary to regularly carry defenders and fall forward for extra yardage. More often than not, Taylor excels at making something out of nothing in these scenarios.
Taylor's elusiveness and balance make him effective at shedding contact on his way to the second level.
Pass Catching
Taylor can make some quality catches to help move the chains, but his frustrating drops hinder him from being the most reliable RB out of the backfield.
Jonathan Taylor has impressive ball-carrier vision, especially at the second level. In fact, his patience and footwork help him successfully follow behind his linemen until he has the opportunity to burst through holes.
Running in Traffic
Even though Taylor excels at using his legs pushing piles, he frequently fumbled the ball when in traffic. Fumbling is one of his biggest issues. However, he is good at recovering from stumbles.
No injuries to date
Good luck trying to tackle Jonathan Taylor singlehandedly. When Taylor has a head of steam, it will take at least two or three defenders to bring him to the ground. He has enough power to bulldoze his way through small holes on route to the second level.
Prototypical running back size.
Johnathan Taylor is arguably one of the most productive running backs in college football history. He set records for the most 200+ rushing games, averaged over 2,000 rush yards per season, and was a touchdown machine. During his junior season, Taylor was able to become a decently productive receiving back as well.
Taylor is usually good at pass protection because of his size and strength. However, he needs to refine his technique a bit in order to get lower.
All-around, solid back with the instincts, tenacity, and competitiveness necessary to be a great player.
Taylor never missed a game, and there are very few backs as tough as him.
Known as a hard-worker and a leader within the locker room. He handles interviews well, and is a special guy on the field, in the locker room, and in the class room. Fun fact, he plans to study astropsychics.
While at Wisconsin, Taylor was one of the most consistent running back prospects in recent history. As a rusher, the only thing that could stop Taylor is if his offensive line failed to block for him against daunting defensive lines. This consistency should transfer to the next level but he could stand to improve his consistency as a receiver and blocker.
Big Play Ability
Very few running backs are as explosive as Taylor. When he has enough room, Taylor's straight-line speed will regularly let him churn out huge runs. Plus, he is effective at running to the outside and will brush past defenders and make them miss in space for big plays.
Jonathan Taylor should excel at the next level because he is a versatile runner who excels on inside and outside runs. Due to the power rushing scheme that Wisconsin employed, Taylor will fit in comfortably for teams that utilize either zone or man blocking concepts. On runs to the outside, Taylor is fantastic at beating defenders to sideline and turning upfield for big plays. However, he can also be a bowling ball, who knocks defenders over to pick up first downs on short-yardage plays. Speaking of strength, Taylor's impeccable leg strength helps him carry defenders for extra yards, and brush off arm tackles in traffic. In fact, it usually takes two or three guys to bring him to the ground because his combination of size, strength, and speed make him too powerful for one guy. Although don't let Taylor's toughness fool you, he can change directions on a dime and make defenders miss with Jukes and hurdles. His elusiveness is one of his most underrated traits. At the next level, defensive coordinators will need to key on Taylor on nearly all plays because he is a highlight-reel waiting to happen. His straight-line speed, tenacity, strength, and second-level vision will help him make big-plays consistently.
While Taylor is an effective rusher, he is only an adequate receiver. He has the concentration necessary to haul in quality receptions but needs to do a better job mitigating his drop totals. If he works on this, he could develop into a consistent and reliable RB out of the backfield because he has good footwork when running routes. In terms of blocking, Taylor is a tough, strong running back, who usually has the awareness to protect his QB. However, he should improve his blocking technique because he often has his pad levels too high. Although the biggest issue for Taylor is his lack of ball security. Even though Taylor excels at running through traffic and carrying defenders for extra yards, he is highly susceptible to being stripped in traffic. Unfortunately, this issue will probably continue at the next level.
Overall Analysis
After looking at the tape, it is hard to find a better running back in this draft class than Jonathan Taylor. Jonathan is an all-around sensational back whose versatility will make him successful on almost any team. He has the size, strength, and experience necessary to be a power back, the speed and elusiveness required to excel on outside zone runs, and his vision and instincts ensure that he is more than worthy of being the first back selected in the draft. Aside from fumbles, Jonathan's mileage is often the most significant concern that scouts raise during their evaluations. However, his extensive mileage shouldn't be an issue since he has never suffered a significant injury. In fact, Taylor's production is proof that he can manage a large work-load better than most backs in his draft class. At the next level, I anticipate Jonathan Taylor's playing style to be similar to Ezekiel Elliot's. Both Elliot and Taylor are versatile, tough running backs, who have both the awareness, strength, and finesse game necessary to be three-down backs in the NFL. He still needs to put in some work to develop as a receiver and blocker, but he looks to enter the league and create many big-time plays.
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