My Scouting Report for John Stones

John Stones

Team : Man City | Sports : Soccer | Position : DF | Status : Active | Location :England

Player Scouting Report

Players Scouting Reviewer : Jon_Arouca . Position :Defender [DF]

John Stones isn't the fastest defender so instead, he reads the game so well. Since he reads the game so well he's quite good at interceptions and anticipating opposition attacks.
His dribbling is decent for a center back. He often does little turns to escape opposition pressure. He also makes good driving runs into open space to play the ball out from the back.
1 v 1 Ability
Stones aren't that good defending against pacey forwards. But due to his anticipation and interceptions, he can stop dangerous attacks before they even begin.
His passing is definitely one of his best qualities. He's a great ball playing defender and even has the passing ability to play holding midfield. He's very good at playing in between the lines to break through opposition press. He also has an eye for a through-ball to his team's forwards.
Stones' balance and strength are pretty good for a defender. He can muscle off smaller forwards, and he is also dominant in defending and attacking set pieces.
Aerial Play
His aerial play is really good. He wins many headers and is averaging around 2.6 aerial duels per game this season. He's also very good at scoring with his head and has scored 9 headers in his career so far.
Field Vision
Stones possesses great vision and understanding of the game. He is often crucial to the way Pep wants City to play out the back because he can easily play out from the back. His vision helps him in playing passes in between the lines and through balls to the forwards who make runs in behind.
His positioning is incredible for a defender because he tends to always be at the right place at the right time to intercept and anticipate opposition attacks.
Stones isn't the most aggressive defender. He averages 0.5 fouls per game and only has 1 yellow card to his name this season in all club competitions.
Stones' shooting ability isn't the greatest for a defender. He has 9 goals in his career so far and they've all been headers. He usually scores in big games such as in the champions league, or in the World Cup with England.
Marking Ability
Stones' marling ability is truly incredible for a defender his age. He often does his marking by preventing passes from getting to the player he's marking. He is very quick in anticipating a pass and intercepting it.
He can usually last the 90 minutes so his stamina is pretty good. However, he is starting to become injury prone. He has had 5 major injuries in his professional career, and three of them were in the last two years.
Wow Factor
His strengths would be his vision and passing which can be grouped together, his marking ability and interceptions, and finally his aerial play.
A few of his weaknesses are he's not the fastest player, he sometimes loses concentration and loses possession, and he has recently started suffering the same type of injuries repeatedly.
Overall Analysis
At 24 years old Stones is probably just about to hit his peak years in the next year or two. Guardiola has already developed him into a great modern defender who can play out from the back with ease. He also reads the game very well and is known for anticipating attacks and stopping them before they can happen by intercepting passes. If he can remain healthy and injury free he can probably go on and become a great defender for both Manchester City and England.
Compares to
Similar to Christensen, Pique, De Ligt, and Laporte
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