My Scouting Report for Joe Burrow

Joe Burrow

Team : Cincinnati Bengals | Sports : Football | Position : QB | Status : Active | Location :United States

Player Scouting Report

Players Scouting Reviewer : myles.whitmore . Position :Quarterback [QB]

Arm Strength/Power
Arm strength doesn't blow you away and even Urban Meyer told him he throws like a girl. However, he has enough ball velocity to deliver a great deep pass.
Short Accuracy (1-10 yds)
Joe Burrow's short passing game is spectacular. He is consistently able to thread the needle and place the ball where his receiver needs to be to get yards after the catch. He also is excellent at throwing screens.
Imtermediate Accuracy (10-20 yds)
Burrow has tremendous tight window accuracy at the intermediate level. He has perfect timing at the intermediate level.
Long Accuracy (20+ yds)
Burrow completes a plethora of big-time throws at the deep level. He is able to locate open defenders and thread the needle into tight windows and still give his receiver the ability to gain yards after the catch. His timing and chemistry with his wideouts is amazing.
Pocket Presence
Burrow takes awhile to sense pressure and lets defenders get their hands on him too often. However, his elusiveness and mobility often save him and allow him to scramble for rushing yards or extend the play.
Burrow's mobility helps him escape from pressure and extend the play. He is able to get rushing yards at the college level on scrambles and designed runs. However, he won't be as successful doing this at the pro level. He also is great at throwing on the run.
Burrow is able to locate open receivers, especially at a short level and throw great passes to them. He also works through his progressions well due to his poise and IQ.
His mechanics are usually sound but his shoulder follow-through could be a little better.
Joe played through a separated shoulder in 2018 against Alabama.
In big moments he has the poise and ability to perform well. He is known as a great leader by his teammates and coaches and doesn't shy away from big moments.
Game Management
Burrow excels on third-down plays and is good at targetting the open receiver to move the chains. He isn't going to force a ball into a bad window but he will make sure the tempo of the game is flowing smoothly.
Burrow rarely throws a bad pass or forces a pass into a passing lane where the defender can intercept it. His only bad decisions are when he overestimates his mobility and allows defenders to touch him and force a fumble.
He has adequate height but could bulk up a little more.
Burrow has a great 40-yard dash time relative to the QB position.
Play-Making Ability
Burrow's deep passing and tight window accuracy enable him to make big-time throws. However, a high amount of his best plays are jump balls, but he throws a great jump ball for his receivers.
Burrow has had an extremely productive season in 2019. Although 2019 has been his sole season of extensive, consistent productivity.
Burrow has tremendous IQ, poise, and chemistry with his receivers. He can also do all the little things and handle pressure well as a signal-caller.
Burrow had a tweet that was against NBA foreigners and probably has other controversial tweets, but he's a college student and that's what they do at times.
Burrow performs consistently well throughout games and has been consistent all season.
Joe Burrow's biggest strength is his accuracy. Burrow is able to place the football where his receiver needs it to be, before they break on their route, and before the defender has time to adjust. His accuracy is especially excellent at the short level, and his touch is great on deep passes that need to be completed in tight coverage. Burrow is able to thread the needle in areas where the defender is unable to get a hand on the football. Consequently, Burrow creates a plethora of big-time throws. Burrow also has great vision and decision making, that enable him to locate open receivers, and throw passes that let them gain yardage after the catch. When Burrow is on the run, he knows to keep his eyes down the field to look for open targets. Plus, Joe has the IQ necessary to know whether to extend the play and find an open guy or tuck it and run for a first down or big play. When the coverage isn't blanketed on his receiving corps, he is able to make quick decisions to move the football.
Contrary to popular belief, Joe Burrow needs to improve his pocket presence. Even though his mobility helps him escape from a lot of pressure, he often waits too long or overestimates his mobility, thus allowing defenders to get a hand on him. When Burrow does evade defenders, he takes too many hits and needs to slide to avoid contact. Burrow will be able to extend plays with his legs at the pro-level, but he won't be able to pick up nearly as many rushing yards in the NFL as he does at LSU. Burrow also isn't the most physically gifted athlete and doesn't have the strongest arm, which might turn off certain GMs. He also only has one year of production, so he's not the most proven QB.
Overall Analysis
Joe Burrow is definitely a top two NFL draft pick for the 2020 draft. His accuracy is off the charts, and he remains consistently accurate throughout games. In fact, Burrow rarely throws an errant pass and has the deep-level accuracy necessary to create an explosive offense. Burrow has excellent mobility and elusiveness that will assist him at the NFL level, and the IQ necessary to be a competent passer that many offensive coordinators can build around. However, he needs to improve his pocket presence and slide more often if he's going to be successful. The only real red flag in Burrow's game is that he has only had one year of high productivity. However, players like Kyler Murray are starting to prove that collegiate QBs can transfer to other programs and still have success in the NFL.
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