My Scouting Report for Jimmy Garoppolo

Jimmy Garoppolo

Team : San Francisco 49ers | Sports : Football | Position : QB | Status : Active | Location :United States

Player Scouting Report

Players Scouting Reviewer : myles.whitmore . Position :Quarterback [QB]

Arm Strength/Power
Jimmy Garoppolo has the arm strength necessary to shred tight coverage regularly.
Short Accuracy (1-10 yds)
Within Kyle Shanahan's offense, Jimmy G worked best throwing short passes. He especially excels on bootleg passes. Furthermore, he can regularly find an open WR and hit them in stride with good anticipation. However, his ball placement on screen passes needs improvement.
Imtermediate Accuracy (10-20 yds)
Jimmy G's intermediate accuracy is volatile. When someone is open, Jimmy G will find that guy and hit him with a dime. However, his accuracy noticeably trails off when there is pressure, or his first read is not open. To make matters worse, he tends to overthrow his pass catcher at this level and mistakenly throw an INT.
Long Accuracy (20+ yds)
Jimmy G's inability to throw deep stymies this offense. When Garoppolo throws down the field, he regularly misses where DBs are located. Therefore, he makes many ill-advised reads that get picked off. That is why the offense runs a lot on 3rd and long plays.
Pocket Presence
For an immobile QB, Jimmy G has excellent footwork in the pocket. Generally, Garoppolo can feel pressure in the pocket and make quick movements to evade defenders. He doesn't usually hold onto the ball too long, but he can work on his poise.
While Garoppolo is not a rushing threat, he throws well on the run and moves well in the pocket.
Garoppolo is an excellent distributor who quickly runs through his progressions. While he can get fixated on his first read, this is a minor concern.
Garoppolo has solid mechanics. His base and arm motion are technically sound, and his quick release helps him when he is under duress.
Jimmy G is injury prone and missed ten games last year due to injuries. Garoppolo has suffered a sprained AC shoulder joint, multiple ankle sprains, and a torn ACL. Therefore, it's clear that he is far from dependable.
Garoppolo's teammates like George Kittle swear that he is a good leader. However, his quiet demeanor and lack of IT factor make him a more introverted leader than an extrovert.
Game Management
Jimmy Garoppolo's turnover-worthy throws disqualify him from being a game manager. If he were to reduce the TOs, he would be an efficient decision-maker who regularly completes drives.
As stated earlier, Jimmy G isn't the best decision-maker in the NFL. He's above average but gets assisted by a heavily scripted and run-heavy Shanahan offense.
Standing at 6'2", 225, Jimmy G has average measurables for an NFL QB.
Jimmy Garoppolo has escapability in the pocket but isn't fast enough to outrun defenders.
Play-Making Ability
Don't expect Jimmy Garoppolo to make many big-time throws. Given how often he dinks-and-dunks short passes, he is more reliable executing his assignment than making a big play. Furthermore, his horrible deep ball accuracy and lack of mobility make him an easy QB to contain.
Unfortunately, injuries have prevented Garoppolo from being a productive QB. He has only had one season in which he threw 4,000+ passing yards. Additionally, that same season is the only time he has thrown 10+ TDs in a single season.
Jimmy Garoppolo is a tier 3 QB who runs an offense well. However, he doesn't add any extra value to the offense due to his lack of athleticism. He's solid but far from a playmaker.
no red flags
Overall, Jimmy G is an efficient passer. However, injuries prevent Garoppolo from being consistent.
Jimmy G plays best as an in-rhythm passer who dishes the football to all his pass catchers. Garoppolo regularly extends drives by finding the open WR and hitting them in stride with a great short pass due to his excellent mechanics and vision. Garoppolo's pocket presence and his ability to quickly work through his progressions are impressive. Additionally, Garoppolo can evade pressure from the pocket, operate well on bootleg passes, and throw accurately on the run.
Jimmy Garoppolo's immobility limits his ceiling since he can't outrun DEs or LBs. He has good footwork but lacks the speed or athleticism to make big plays. Along with his lack of physical traits, Jimmy Garoppolo's deep passing woes stymied the 49er's offense in 2020. According to Pro Football Focus, Garoppolo was the 2nd-worst deep passer in completion percentage last season. Due to all the reasons mentioned above, 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan has had to incorporate a heavily-scripted, run-based offense to hide Jimmy G's deficiencies. However, Shanahan has also had to modify this offense countless times because of Garoppolo's extensive injury history.
Overall Analysis
Due to his weaknesses, the 49ers would be wise to move on from Jimmy Garoppolo. He is a pocket passer stuck in an era where improvision and mobility are becoming increasingly more demanded. He is also a tier 3 quarterback who efficiently executes plays but fails to create big-time plays. As a result, Kyle Shanahan's offense has struggled to take advantage of deep-pass plays, QB runs, and other essential plays. San Francisco would be wise to trade a cheap draft pick for Sam Darnold, go all-in on Deshaun Watson, or trade up to draft a QB like Zach Wilson, Justin Fields, or Trey Lance. However, they would still be a decent offense if they had to stick with Jimmy G.
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