My Scouting Report for Jeffrey Okudah

Jeffrey Okudah

Team : Detroit Lions | Sports : Football | Position : CB | Status : Active | Location :United States

Player Scouting Report

Players Scouting Reviewer : myles.whitmore . Position :Cornerback [CB]

has the adequate speed for a cornerback that enables him to cover most receivers tightly regardless of their speed.
Okudah is great at jamming receivers and using his wingspan to force them off their route.
When Okudah is going against receivers on the outside, he is able to use his quickness, speed, and footwork to stay step for step with them on deep routes. Even if a wideout catches the ball, Okudah’s aggressive playstyle allows him to force the ball out of the receiver's hands.
He doesn't get beat much on the play but when he does, he lacks the burst of speed necessary to reduce separation when beat badly.
Play Recognition
Okudah reads and reacts quickly, and is able to diagnose a screen or run
Not afraid to tackle a running back regardless of their size. He has potential safety level run-stopping ability but needs to refrain from diving too low on tackles.
Man Coverage
Okudah mainly played in man coverage at Ohio State and excelled at using his combination of length, agility, and physicality to pester receivers on any given route.
Zone Coverage
Okudah didn't play much zone-coverage at OSU, but when he did, he displayed great instincts and IQ. However, his zone spacing could improve.
Even though Okudah is more likely to shadow his man than he is to strictly play the ball, he has the skill necessary to force turnovers. When in zone coverage or playing nickel, Okudah is more ball hawkish and opts to bait QBs on occasion.
has dealt with a head injury and needed surgery for a nagging shoulder injury
No red flags
Okduah has great ball skills, tremendous discipline, and a high IQ.
Okudah hasn’t allowed more than 50 yards in a single game since his Sophomore year (27 straight games)
Jeffery Okudah is the best man coverage cornerback in this year's draft. His combination of length, agility, and IQ enables him to jam receivers at the line of scrimmage, force them off their route, or shadow them throughout a route. Okudah is especially excellent at preventing deep passes because of his height, speed, and ball skills. Even if a wideout catches the ball, Okudah’s aggressive playstyle allows him to force the ball out of the hands of the receiver. One underrated aspect concerning Okudah's game is that he is a great run disrupter. Okudah has insane play recognition skills that allow him to diagnose run plays before they occur and immediately get in the backfield to stop a running back's momentum. Another thing I noted about Okduah's game is that he has the combination of athleticism, hit power, range, and agility necessary to play some snaps at safety if needed. Although more than anything else, Okudah is an extremely consistent cornerback who went 27 straight games without allowing more than 50 yards in a single game since the start of his Sophomore year.
Despite being the best man coverage corner in college, Okudah struggled against short routes like slants, hitches and drags. This is generally because Okudah primarily focuses on preventing deep passes, and thereby gives receivers cushion on 1st/2nd/3rd and long plays. Moreover, Okudah still needs to develop in zone coverage. Even though he's far from a liability as a zone corner, Okudah could improve his zone spacing. Another issue for Okudah pertains to his recovery game because he lacks the burst of speed necessary to reduce separation when beat badly on a play. While Okudah is rarely
Overall Analysis
Jeffery Okudah would be a perfect fit for the Detroit Lions because he is an excellent man corner. Similar to Ohio State, the Detroit Lions are known for their emphasis on playing man coverage and are in need of complementing Darius Slay with another great cornerback. Okudah’s aggressiveness would help out Darius Slay on the outside, and be greatly coveted by Lions coach Matt Patricia. Speaking of Ohio State, Okudah's game is eerily similar to Marshon Lattimore's, due to his combination of speed and man coverage skills. Plus, similar to Lattimore, Okudah has the ability to step in on the first day and be a starting caliber CB. However similar to Marshon Lattimore, Okudah needs to improve at covering against short routes and zone coverage. Therefore, he will probably struggle mightily against NFL WRs like Michael Thomas who excel at finding holes in zones on short routes. Nevertheless, if Okudah puts in the work and is placed in the right system, his ceiling could be as high as Patrick Peterson and Jalen Ramsey because of Okudah’s skill against deep routes.
Compares to
Floor: Marshon Lattimore, Ceiling: Jalen Ramsey/Patrick Peterson
Untapped potential
peak potential
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