My Scouting Report for Jaylen Waddle

Jaylen Waddle

Team : Alabama Crimson Tide (FB) | Sports : Football | Position : WR | Status : Active | Location :United States

Player Scouting Report

Players Scouting Reviewer : mgomes429 . Position :Wide Receiver [WR]

He is very fast and he might be running in the sub 4.4's . he explodes after the catch and its noticable. You can definitles see he has another gear that uses when outrunning defenders to the edge.
Pass Catching
It's solid and I did not see many drops on film but he is more of a playmaker with the football in his hands than a WR who wins with contested catches.
Route Running
It could use more work because right now he is more of a gadget reciever than he is a full fledged one. He needs to be more consistent at understaning route concepts and zone coverage so he can take advantage of his playmaking ability.
He has a wide bodied frame but lacks ideal strength. He weighs about 182lbs and I would love to see him bulk to about 190lbs so he can add some strength.
Vertical Ability
He can win deep because he has the requisite speed and acceleration but he is more of a reciver who catches a hitch and makes a few guy miss. If he had a better understanding of rout running rather than relying on pure athletisicm he might be more effective in this area.
Run after Catch
This is where he is the most dangerous as he uses his quickness to avoid tacklers and his speed to outrun defenders in the edge. As an offense he gives you positional versatility as he can help you on end arounds and reps at RB as well. Given the righ sytem he can flourish.
Catching in Traffic
He is better with space than he is in traffic. But he has got strong hands and will catch the football. But when he gets hit he goes flying sometimes. He needs to create a stronger base so he can break more tackles off of contact and maximize his skillset as a playmaker with the ball in his hands.
Big Play Ability
He is a big play waiting to happen but I would just be a bit hesitant on third down plays as he can be a little to frantic with his jukes and it can get him in trouble sometimes. His route running also needs to be more polished and strong press coverage can get him in trouble. But with space he is extremely dangerous when he gets up field.
I did not find any injuries in my research. But because of his size some of those big hits will eventually catch up to him.
It runs hot and cold because he sometimes tries to block and be physical but at other times especially when he has the football in his hands he much rather avoid than run through contact.
His production is very lack luster and you can tell he was not utilized to his maximized effcetiviness. Alabama had very good recivevers across the board. 33 REC for 560 yards in 2019 45 REC for 848 yards in 2018
I can not judge as I have not met him before.
Deep Threat
He can beat you deep with his speed alone but he is better utilized more in short to intermediate routes. But he can certainly develop in to a dangerous deep threat with time.
Over the Middle
He has got strong hands but a more physical corner will give him trouble.He does not have the requisite size to accell as a reciver who can high point the football. He needs to play with an accurate QB or he will struggle to get his hands on the football.
He has got elite acceleration and quickness. He just lacks the body type to box out corners and he also needs to run more routes. His lack of touches can be a bit of a concern.
He has got strong hands and elite athletisicm but he lacks size and overall production. he has never had a 1,000 yard season but he has also played with some of the best reciever in CFB the last 2 seasons.
Jaylen Waddle is an outstanding athlete with elite accelerration and quickness. This allows him to cut in breaking routes with realtive ease and get open. His playmaking ability is outstanding as well as his ability to force defenders to miss very often with his lateral quickness. He is a good route runner but needs to expand his route tree.
He lacked production and this is in part due to the talent around him but also because his route running tree is a bit limited. He does not run the whole route tree because I did not see alot of out routes or wheel routes. Rather he is more utilized in quick hitches, slants and very short slants.
Overall Analysis
He is a very good prospect but I did notice some laziness on tape as there are times he's jogging during run plays or he only picks up speed when defender's start catching up. I would like to see him be a bit more aggressive with his running. He can make plays though, by making multiple defenders miss and just being a playmaker. His route running is aided by his elite accleration and quickness laterally and up the field. in the right system and with some time to devlop his game as a more complete reciever he can be very dangerous at the next level. He also gives a team value in terms of being a returner on Special team's. Projected ( Late 1st ) Personal Projection ( Early 2nd - Early 3rd)
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Tyreek Hill
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