My Scouting Report for Jaycee Horn

Jaycee Horn

Team : South Carolina Gamecocks (FB) | Sports : Football | Position : CB | Status : Active | Location :United States

Player Scouting Report

Players Scouting Reviewer : myles.whitmore . Position :Cornerback [CB]

Jaycee Horn flashed impressive sub 4.4 speed in front of NFL scouts this off-season. He uses that speed to recover his leverage in coverage.
Jaycee Horn uses his long wingspan to successfully buzz receivers at the line of scrimmage. Most of the time, he forces receivers to the sideline or blankets them in coverage.
Jaycee Horn posted some impressive athleticism numbers with his broad and vertical jump. He also does a good job contorting his body to make impressive interceptions in man coverage. However, he noticeably struggles to mirror receivers' footwork when playing off the ball. Nevertheless, this issue is minimal.
Horn recovers well when he is beat in coverage due to his speed and athleticism. However, his grabby nature and pass interference tendency stymie his recovery ability.
Play Recognition
Jaycee Horn's football IQ is incredible because he quickly recognizes plays. Plus, his ability to play in the slot, on the outside, and at safety proves he is a smart DB whose coachable. Therefore, he is a versatile player who does not commit lapses in coverage. He projects to read and react well with good footwork and backpedaling.
Jaycee Horn is a poor tackler. From the film, it's clear that Horn is not a physical run stopper. Plus, he has poor angles and struggles to shed blocks.
Man Coverage
Jaycee Horn is a tremendous man coverage corner, especially when he presses at the LOS. His physical coverage combined with decent footwork leads him to blanket WRs like NFL prospect Seth Williams.
Zone Coverage
Jaycee Horn plays well in zone coverage. His ability to communicate quickly with teammates and recognize plays is impressive. However, he struggles when playing off-ball in zone coverage. Therefore, he will need a good defensive coordinator who can ease him into advantageous situations for interceptions.
Jaycee Horn constantly keeps his eyes glued to the football. When the ball is in the air, he uses his length and wingspan to gain leverage against bigger wideouts. Plus, he is an aggressive ballhawk who constantly forces incompletions, deflections, and interceptions.
Jaycee Horn suffered an undisclosed injury in 2018 but has not suffered significant injuries.
no red flags
Horn has incredible intangibles, including his aggressiveness, competition, and football IQ. However, he needs to improve his discipline by refraining from pass interference calls.
Throughout his college career, Jaycee Horn has been inconsistent. In 2019, Horn had multiple games with poor PFF grades. He improved in 2020 but benefitted from a small sample size. Since CB is a volatile position where everyone gets beat, this issue is not the worst thing ever. However, it limits his ceiling.
Jaycee Horn is an aggressive ballhawk who forces incompletions, deflections, and interceptions with his coverage skills and play recognition. More specifically, he is a smart DB who refrains from lapses in coverage. This is especially true when Horn is locking down wideouts at the intermediate level of the field. Moreover, Horn excels when he plays in press coverage where he locks down WRs and forces them to the outside. However, he can also recover well due to his speed and athleticism.
Jaycee Horn's biggest weakness is his failure to stop the run. While Horn is physical in coverage, he frequently misses tackles due to poor technique and angling. Another issue with Horn is that he struggles to mirror opposing WR footwork when playing in off-ball coverage. This issue also leads Horn to overcompensate with overly aggressive coverage that draws pass interference calls. Considering that NFL refs call more PIs than SEC refs, this issue will likely be more prevalent at the next level.
Overall Analysis
Jaycee Horn will be a versatile DB at the next level who can play in the slot, on the outside, and at safety. Due to that versatility, Horn will likely shut down X receivers but can adjust to cover any type of wideout. Moreover, Horn plays excellent man coverage and decent zone coverage by shadowing his assignment and mirroring their footwork. This should excite defensive coordinators and boost Horn's floor in the NFL. However, his inconsistency, poor run-stopping ability, and PI tendency lower him to a late first-round prospect.
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Michael Davis and Kyle Fuller
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