My Scouting Report for Jared Pinkney

Jared Pinkney

Team : Vanderbilt Commodores (FB) | Sports : Football | Position : TE | Status : Active | Location :United States

Player Scouting Report

Players Scouting Reviewer : myles.whitmore . Position :Tight End [TE]

Pinkney has good speed for a tight end his size and can accelerate pretty well in routes.
Pass Catching
Pinkney has tremendous hands, especially in traffic, but could work on mitigating his drop numbers. He can also contort his body well enough to give himself an excellent catch radius.
Route Running
Runs pretty crisp routes and has an excellent ability to seal off defenders on corner and post routes. However, he can work on being more physical to throw off press coverage. Pinkney does run good wheel routes.
Pinkney has the strength to push defenders back in the run blocking game and grind out rushing yardage with defenders draped on him. However, he doesn't utilize this power enough on blocking plays, which is underwhelming.
Run Blocking
While Jared Pinkney possesses the strength and size necessary to be a good run blocker, but his technique and lack of recognition prevent him from being an elite blocker. He needs to work on bending his knees more to create better running lanes and push defenders out of their assigned gaps. Also, he needs to show more effort on blocking plays, and run faster on pull blocks.
Pinkney is good at changing direction mid-route and accelerates well out of his release. However, he isn't elusive in open space with the ball in his hands and isn't agile enough to gain significant separation from his defender.
Run After Catch
Pinkney can move the chains because he possesses the strength necessary to carry defenders on his back and break tackles.
Big Play Ability
Pinkney is a threat for big plays because he excels at the intermediate level of the field. Additionally, he had nine games where he caught a pass for 20+ yards.
Pinkney had one injury that made him leave midway through his game against Georgia but was still able to suit up for every game this season.
Pinkney finished the year with 770 receiving yards, which ranked 3rd amongst all tight ends in college. However, his run and pass blocking is subpar compared to other college tight ends and desperately needs to improve.
Pinkney doesn't have any issue with teammates and coaches and was sent to represent Vanderbilt at SEC media day, which shows that the university considers him to be presentable and a good leader.
Pinkney's effort on run and screen blocking plays is underwhelming. His IQ, technique, and recognition during run blocking plays needs to improve. However, his chemistry with former QB, Kyle Shurmur was good, and he is a tough guy to tackle.
Pinkney is a consistent route running and pass-catching tight end but needs to develop into a more consistent tight end, who creates better running lanes for his RBs.
Jared Pinkney is one of the best, if not the best pass-catching tight end in college. He runs good routes and can maneuver his body well enough to create a sufficient catch radius to catch most of the passes that come his way. Once Pinkney has the ball in his hands, he can bulldoze down the field while carrying multiple defenders on his back to move the chains. Resultantly, he was the third most productive tight end in terms of receiving yardage, especially at the intermediate level.
Pinkney's biggest weakness is his run blocking game due to his poor technique and blocking recognition. When Pinkney is attempting to create a hole or lane for his RB, he often fails to bend his knees low enough or place his hands well enough to move the defender out of their assigned gap. This is especially evident when he pulls because he often runs too slow or chooses the wrong defender to block. Additionally, Pinkney isn't able to hold his ground at all in the pass blocking game and is frequently pushed back into his quarterback. Pinkney also needs to improve at gaining separation on routes.
Overall Analysis
Pinkney is already on a lot of draft experts' big boards as a tight end who has the potential to be the first tight end selected in the next NFL draft. He is a significant receiving threat, especially at the intermediate level, and was the second-best receiver for the Commodores last season. Pinkney has the concentration, catch radius and ball skills necessary to translate this same receiving skill to the NFL level, and be a highly coveted TE. Although, if Pinkney is going to be a first-round pick, it is paramount for him to refine his blocking technique to become a better pass and run blocker. If Pinkney can become a more consistent blocker, he will certify his place as the best tight end in the NCAA.
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