My Scouting Report for Jared Pinkney

Jared Pinkney

Team : Vanderbilt Commodores (FB) | Sports : Football | Position : TE | Status : Active | Location :United States

Player Scouting Report

Players Scouting Reviewer : mgomes429 . Position :Tight End [TE]

This is not his best trait. He is quicker than he is fast and that is evident when he bursts out of his stance to run routes. But I wouldn't say that he will outrun this age fast LBs.
Pass Catching
He is very solid in this department and he adjusts well to the football. He has got big hands and is able to high point the football using his size.
Route Running
He is a pretty solid route runner who transitions well in the fake routes. This specifically means routes that are bump and run where he may skim off a defender to create an opening in the zone of his route. He sells these underneath routes very well.
His strength is ok and it's nothing special. He is able to sustain and engage in blocks for a bit but he does not possess the strength to drive defenders off the line.
Run Blocking
As I had mentioned before he will block but don't expect him to be particularly good in this area rather he has enough to sustain his blocks.
I was surprised in this area as he has better quickness than his 40 time would have suggested. In and out of his stance when he begins his routes are smooth and fluid. He knows how to get open and makes acrobatic catches.
Run After Catch
It solid but not great he not overly fast but he is quick and can get to top speed in a few steps. He has got a bit of a burst but no real long speed.
Big Play Ability
No, he is a chain mover and nothing more. He fits more of a two TE set and a backup role due to his lack of speed and playmaking.
He had a minor wrist injury in practice in Nov. 2019 but nothing too serious.
2018 was by far his best season when he caught 50 balls for 774 yards along with 7 TDs but other than that it was below average.
I have not met him so I do not know.
He has got an opportunity to develop into a solid back up currently but he leaves a lot to be desired in terms of his upside but will see with coaching and team fit moving forward.
2018 was his breakout season and the rest of his career including this past season in 2019 was not great as he caught less than 25 passes and scored below 5 TD's in 2016,2017,2019.
He has had 4 years of playing experience in the SEC and does a lot of things right. His run blocking is fine his pass-catching is fine and his route running in terms of getting in and out of breaks is better than expected. His quickness is also a very underrated part of his game.
While he does a lot of good things in terms of his play he does nothing exceptionally well. His long speed is not great, he doesn't finish his blocks but rather maintains them and he is not a great pass catcher or the best route runner either in this class. There is nothing that stands out in his game rather he is a jack of all trades.
Overall Analysis
He is best projected as a backup TE maybe even a third option but in the right scheme and team, he may find a good spot for his skills. Any team in need of a back TE and with a balanced offense may look for his services. If he further improves his route running and blocking he may get a chance to be a solid back up like Jack Doyle. Jack Doyle is his ceiling. Round Projection (Day 3 Rounds 5-7) I expect him to be picked mid 5th to late 6th. Team Fits( Ravens, Patriots, Colts)
Compares to
Richard Rodgers/Jack Doyle
Untapped potential
peak potential
post peak