My Scouting Report for Jamie Newman

Jamie Newman

Team : Georgia Bulldogs (FB) | Sports : Football | Position : QB | Status : Active | Location :United States

Player Scouting Report

Players Scouting Reviewer : myles.whitmore . Position :Quarterback [QB]

Arm Strength/Power
Newman has a cannon. The zip on his passes often beats tight coverage and helps him attack deep down the field.
Short Accuracy (1-10 yds)
Newman distributes the ball to RBs and TEs well at the short level of the field. His vision and ball placement help receivers generate significant YAC.
Imtermediate Accuracy (10-20 yds)
Newman has above average intermediate accuracy. His poise under pressure enables him to stand in the pocket and fire lasers to wideouts. This is why he was very effective on 3 and 10+ plays.
Long Accuracy (20+ yds)
Newman is lethal down the field. When he is given enough time, Jamie's throws put his receivers in the best position to outmuscle DBs. As a result, Newman can beat tight coverage and place the ball on the receivers outside shoulder.
Pocket Presence
When Jamie Newman drops back, his poise is on full display. Newman is rarely rattled in the pocket and has quality footwork when he is cognizant of defenders. As a result, he is somewhat elusive in the pocket and refrains from bailing too early. However, his awareness in the pocket is a glaring issue because he frequently fails to notice pressure until it is too late. This issue leads to many turnover worthy throws and sacks.
Jamie Newman is a tough and strong runner for a quarterback. Similar to Cam Newton, Newman isn't afraid to muscle his way through DL and LBs in the power run game. His footwork in the pocket and on the run is also really good. Therefore, he is a quality dual-threat QB who excels with RPOs.
Newman is an excellent field general who can locate an open wideout with ease. He trusts all his receivers and can go through his progressions extremely well.
Jamie Newman showcases phenomenal mechanics on his throws. He steps into all his throws, even when pressure is in his face. In fact, the only time Newman throws off his backfoot or messes up mechanically is when he gets hit as he throws.
Newman suffered a shoulder injury last season.
Game Management
When playing at his best, Jamie Newman is an effective game manager who can regularly move the chains. Although his decision making can occasionally become erratic. Also, he struggles to keep his team in tight games against tough defenses.
Newman usually keeps the ball out of harm's way. Although, Newman sometimes forces throws when defenders are draped over him. Plus, he fails to see defenders in his passing lanes.
Newman is 6'4" and 230 lbs. Given his physical running style, his frame could bulk a little more. Nevertheless, he is a tall signal-caller who can stand in the pocket and bulldoze his way through contact.
ESPN recorded Newman with a 4.76 40 yard dash.
Play-Making Ability
Jamie Newman's playmaking ability is greater than most fans might realize. Given Newman's arm strength coupled with his ability to beat tight coverage, he is actually a threat with the ball in his hands. In fact, many of his best throws were dropped by his receivers who also struggled to locate the ball.
Jamie Newman produced solid statistics last season. They weren't elite but that was due to having a lackluster receiving corps and injuries.
Jamie Newman has the poise, demeanor, and toughness necessary to be an effective NFL QB. He is a smart QB who did a pretty good job mastering the mental side of football. However, his pocket awareness is substandard and his IT factor is good, not great.
No red flags.
Jamie Newman is a terrific dual-threat QB who excels in an offense-oriented around RPOs. Similar to Cam Newton, Newman is a capable power rushing QB who can put his shoulders down and barrel through defenders. Also speaking of his legs, Newman has phenomenal footwork in the pocket. As a result, he can evade pressure, extend the play, and throw accurately on the run. While Newman is a quality dual-threat QB, he is also a solid pocket passer with flawless mechanics. When Jamie drops back, he is a poised signal-caller who has the arm strength and touch necessary to shred tight coverage. Moreover, he excels at standing tall in the pocket, scanning the open receiver, and delivering a bullet to his wideout. Newman's vision and decisiveness make him an outstanding passer, especially on third and long plays.
Jamie Newman's most glaring issue is his lack of pocket awareness relative to other dual-threat QBs. This issue is puzzling because, despite his footwork and poise, Newman is slow to recognize when to bail the pocket. This issue leads to many turnover worthy throws and sacks and limits his potential as a game manager. Another problem for Newman is that he fails to identify defensive backs disrupting passing lanes in zone coverage. While Newman's decision making overall isn't a glaring issue, he would be a way more productive and polished QB if he worked on identifying LBs as well.
Overall Analysis
Right now, Jamie Newman has all the tools necessary to be an NFL QB. For starters, he has the height and physical frame required to stand tall in the pocket and absorb contact. Additionally, Newman has the arm strength needed to fire lasers down the field. As a result, Newman can shred tight and blanketed coverage and the touch necessary to place the ball where only the receiver can haul it in. Plus, Newman also put his head down and bulldoze through contact, similar to Cam Newton. Newman also has areas where he needs to improve. Those issues mainly pertain to awareness of defenders breaching his OL and LBs/CBs disrupting passing lanes. However, many of these issues will probably be mitigated with his new college team. While Newman was at Wake Forest, he often had to deal with receivers who struggled to locate the football and who dropped far too many catches. However, at the University of Georgia, Kirby Smart will surround Newman with a better WR corps that should take his production to the next level. As a result, I believe that Newman could bump his draft stock from a borderline first-round pick to a surefire first-round pick.
Compares to
Cam Newton and Carson Wentz
Untapped potential
peak potential
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