My Scouting Report for James Proche

James Proche

Team : SMU Mustangs (FB) | Sports : Football | Position : WR | Status : Active | Location :United States

Player Scouting Report

Players Scouting Reviewer : mgomes429 . Position :Wide Receiver [WR]

He has got average speed especially given his size. He probably runs in the 4.5s it may even be in the low 4.6s
Pass Catching
He makes very tough catches away from his body. he also adjusts to the football extremely well.
Route Running
He has got good quickness in and out of his breaks and knows how to get open. He understands technique in terms of route running and understands the timing in the stems of his routes.
Considering his size at 5'11 200lbs he has good strength and he often makes hard-nosed catches on the field. Along with the fact he benched 225 20 times at the combine showcases good play strength at the next level.
Vertical Ability
He is not the fastest or biggest receiver and flourishes on shorter routes such as slants, curls, and the quick out routes. Long speed is not his strength.
Run after Catch
He is stronger than his 5'11 200lbs stature indicates. He time in time again makes catches with defenders all over him. He is a gritty slot receiver.
Catching in Traffic
I think he is going to be productive at the slot receiver position and will be a good outlet for any QB at the next level. He has got enough quickness along with his route running ability to get open.
Big Play Ability
His lack of pure speed can be a concern and I think he is going to garner a lot of receptions and not be a deep threat or get a lot of yards after the catch. will however be sure-handed on short to underneath routes
He has had no injuries and has been durable according to my research.
He will make contested catches. He also will dive for the football and try to catch footballs that are inaccurately thrown. He works a lot of underneath routes and bubble screens and has defender who comes crashing down.
93 1,199 2018 111 1,225 2019 He has been ultra-productive and heavily relied upon.
I have not met him so I can not judge.
Deep Threat
He is not fast and will not be a great deep threat option. He works better in shorter to intermediate routes where he will be most effective catching bubble screens or slants.
Over the Middle
He will make contested catches and catch slant passes over the middle. He does this very often and is normally sure-handed.
I think his ceiling is as a very productive slot receiver who will help a team that focuses their offense around the quick pass game.
He has been very productive over the last two seasons and will accumulate a lot of receptions. He will catch a lot of 4 to 5 yards passes and knows how to work the open part of the field using his route running.
He is a very feisty receiver with good hands and production. He was relied upon heavily on bubble screens and slants because of his sure hands. He knows how to get open in his routes and make hard nose catches.
His size is not the best at 5'11 200lbs with 30 in arms. He also does not possess great quickness or speed and can be overtaken by elite corners. He is also purely a slot receiver right now unless he learns to continue to perfect his route running and improve in longer routes such as the GO's and long out routes.
Overall Analysis
I'm a big fan of James Proche and I project him to be a very productive slot receiver at the next level. Although he needs to be put in the right situation where he can maximize his skill set he is a good route runner with good hands. With more training and improvement with his overall speed and quickness, I think he can find success at the next level. Projection (Rounds 3-5) I like him in the 3rd Round. The team fits Green Bay, San Francisco, Jets, Patriots
Compares to
Randall Cobb
Untapped potential
peak potential
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