My Scouting Report for James Hudson

James Hudson

Team : Cincinnati Bearcats (FB) | Sports : Football | Position : OT | Status : Active | Location :United States

Player Scouting Report

Players Scouting Reviewer : mgomes429 . Position :Offense Tackle [OT]

Run Blocking
He needs to learn how to move his feet. Against Georgia, he would normally be in a stalemate when he ran block. he had got a very strong grip and has good leverage.
Pass Blocking
he is solid in pass blocking although he will get beat by more athletic. He is a decent athlete but not good enough to survive against elite edge rushers. I think a move to the inside would be beneficial for him.
Impact Blocking
He has good leverage and has strong hands to keep his man engaged. It's very hard for defenders to get off his grip.
He has got light feet but his technique is off. He does not know how to set up defenders. He needs to learn to shorten his step on pass protection and on run blocking he needs to drive more with the ball of his front foot.
I believe his lack of technique is what causes him to get beat and at times. Normally he wins with leverage and extends his arms upwards causing his leverage to be less effective. he seems to have very strong hands when he is engaged with a defender.
He is an aggressive player but at times can be over-aggressive causing him to get into some trouble. He needs to be more disciplined. he was ejected in the chick-fil-a peach bowl for targeting. He just needs to be more aware of his actions.
His feet are light which surprised me. laterally he is not as fluid but shooting out of his stance and moving forward he is quite effective.
He has got solid size at 6'5 310. He might want to add 10lbs because he will most likely be moving to guard at the next level.
I could not find any injuries through my research so I figure he does not have any major injury concerns but I can not be 100% sure.
I can not judge as I have not met him personally.
He needs a ton of work in this area as most of the time he was beat was due to his bad footwork and hand placement.
He has got the potential to be a very effective guard at the next level who can do well in a west coast system.
His lack of technique was the reason he would get beat. He had a good start from snap to engagement but his wide feet and hand placement caused inside moves to be problematic.
He is an athletic OL with light feet. He has strong hands and plays with solid leverage. He keeps defenders engage and seems to have a strong grip. When he engages in the block he stays low and has a leverage advantage.
He is very raw from a technical standpoint and needs to improve his footwork and hand placement. He is also not the biggest OL and at one point weighed only about 290. He is currently 310 but will need to add additional muscle to drive bigger DT's off the line of scrimmage. He wins from snap to engagement and just ends up stalemating. When you have better leverage and still fail to overpower a defender that is a problem. He needs to vastly improve his technique and utilize his athletic skill set better.
Overall Analysis
He is a good athlete who will need t transition to OG at the next level. He is very raw from a technical standpoint and needs to develop under a good OL coach. He is projected as a developmental prospect with intriguing upside. Projected Rounds (Late 3rd- Mid 5th) Team Fits (Patriots, Jets, 49ers)
Compares to
Yodny Cajuste
Untapped potential
peak potential
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