My Scouting Report for Jamal Adams

Jamal Adams

Team : Seattle Seahawks | Sports : Football | Position : SS | Status : Active | Location :United States

Player Scouting Report

Players Scouting Reviewer : myles.whitmore . Position :Strong Safety [SS]

Adams ran a 4.45 40 yard dash during his LSU pro day and exhibits great gameplay speed during blitzes.
Jamal Adams was heavily utilized as a Blitzer last season for the jets, and for good reason. He had 3.5 sacks last season and was very effective at stopping the run when he blitzed. However, Adams often overcommits when blitzing and has a lot of trouble shedding blocks. Could be a way more efficient Blitzer if he improved his timing
Adams is very athletic and able to shift directions on the stop of a dime.
Play Recognition
Adams has a very high football IQ, which helps him to always know which WR to cover and whether a play is going to be a run or pass.
Adams possesses incredible range, especially on run plays and in zone coverage. Could improve at his angles when chasing down WRs down the field.
Jamal Adams is a tremendous tackler who rarely ever misses a tackle. Adams isn't afraid to get physical, especially in the run game.
Man Coverage
Not utilized a lot in man coverage, but Adams has the ability to stay step for step with opposing running backs and tight ends.
Zone Coverage
Adams is a terror in zone coverage situations. He locks down his zone and prevents opposing pass catchers from gaining significant yardage. The Jets defense is way more susceptible to giving up huge plays when Adams is not covering deep.
Adams is often around the football and is good at stripping fumbles and recovering fumbles. However, he is not the biggest threat to force a turnover.
Jamal Adams has had an ankle injury but has never had to miss a game during his collegiate or professional career.
Jamal doesn't have any legal issues and is beloved by teammates, coaches and the media. He also is increasing the morale of his teammates by boasting with them during good plays.
He has good intelligence, confidence, likability, and character.
Adams is consistent and dependable throughout the season and throughout every game.
Jamal Adams' strengths are his range, agility, play recognition, tackling and zone coverage.
Adams could improve his blitzing by remaining more disciplined and not overcommitting on blitzing assignments.
Overall Analysis
Gregg Williams and the New York Jets' defensive coaching staff has a lot of reasons to like Jamal Adams. He is an extremely physical safety who leaves his mark in both the blitzing and zone coverage games. His high IQ enables him to be able to consistently recognize the play before it happens and make the right decision. He is so dependable in zone coverage schemes that the Jets' secondary was always more likely to get burned deep down the field when he wasn't playing deep coverage. In fact, he often has to pick up the slack for his teammates at both the cornerback and linebacker positions. However, he relishes any opportunity to showcase his abilities, and his amicable demeanor boosts the morale of his defensive teammates. Adams is also an elite tackler, who rarely misses a tackle and puts a stop to running backs in the backfield with solo tackles. In addition, Adams is great in QB spy situations, showcases good vision, is great at contain situations and has great speed and range. However, he does need to improve his timing when blitzing so that he can get to the QB quicker, and needs to get better at block shedding. Plus, his angles could be better when chasing down receivers and running backs. However, Adams is a promising young talent who will be a great New York Jet for years to come.
Compares to
Similar to Landon Collins and Darren Woodson.
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