My Scouting Report for Jalen Reagor

Jalen Reagor

Team : Philadelphia Eagles | Sports : Football | Position : WR | Status : Active | Location :United States

Player Scouting Report

Players Scouting Reviewer : myles.whitmore . Position :Wide Receiver [WR]

Jalen Reagor has track speed. When he turns on the jets, he can gain separation on routes and yardage after the catch with ease.
Pass Catching
Despite the criticism, Reagor is a reliable pass catcher. He can make high point grabs and haul in contested catches. He struggles a little with concentration drops and fielding punts but not by much.
Route Running
Reagor can run a complete route tree. His elusiveness makes him extremely hard to cover when he sells the route. He can start and stop on a dime in between breaks with crisp cuts.
Reagor has above average strength. He isn't the most physical wideout but he's a decent blocker and has hauled in catches in traffic.
Vertical Ability
If you let Reagor brush past you it is game over. He can shake defenders on fly routes and can haul in high point catches. The Eagles should utilize this part of his game more.
Run after Catch
Reagor is prolific after the catch due to his elusiveness. He generated over 800 YAC at TCU and can maximize short catches in Pederson's west coast offense. He has some inefficient footwork, but that is to be expected from a shifty wideout.
Catching in Traffic
Reagor has an insane ability to grab catches at a high point. He isn't going to outmuscle a DB like DK Metcalf, but he can complete catches in traffic due to his strong hands.
Big Play Ability
Reagor is a big-play threat when utilized properly. He can excel on end-arounds, contested catches, and deep down the field. He also is an electric return guy.
Reagor missed four weeks this season with a thumb injury and suffered a shoulder injury in the past.
Nobody should ever question Reagor's toughness. He is willing to take big hits and block on the outside. He isn't the strongest guy but he is tough as nails.
Jalen Reagor has only had one year of elite production since 2017. This isn't his fault, though. At TCU, he had horrible QBs, and he has been poorly utilized in the NFL.
He has no red flags to this moment.
Deep Threat
If you let him get behind you, it's game over. He seems most comfortable going deep and has great experience tracking balls in the air.
Over the Middle
Reagor is productive across the middle, and his college QBs had their best passer rating targeting him there.
Reagor has the toughness and instincts to excel as a wideout. He is a smart receiver who frequently finds holes in zone coverage and has enough moxie to play in the NFL.
Reagor has failed to be consistent at the college and pro level. This inconsistency has been due to the poor situations and QB play he has been forced to play through. Still, he is more explosive than dependable.
Reagor's speed and shiftiness make him an outstanding wide receiver. Reagor can brush past DBs on deep routes and make defenders miss after the catch due to his fancy footwork. If you give him too much space, it's game over, especially after the catch. Furthermore, Reagor has the ball skills and strong hands to haul in contested catches at a high point.
The biggest weakness in Reagor's game is concentration drops. He is a dependable receiver, but he struggles when he has to locate the ball. Reagor is tough, but he isn't a physical monster who will outmuscle a defender on the outside or dominate DBs as a blocker. He also has an issue with staying healthy due to shoulder and thumb injuries.
Overall Analysis
Jalen Reagor is a big play threat waiting to happen. Whether it's taking a short pass to the house or hauling in a contested deep catch, Reagor is electrifying. Unfortunately, he has been poorly utilized throughout his college and pro careers. At TCU, poor QB play made it hard for Reagor to be a consistently productive wideout. Additionally, Eagles coach Doug Pederson has failed to give Jalen Reagor opportunities as a deep-threat and on end-around and misdirection plays. If Philadelphia is going to maximize on Reagor's skill set, Pederson needs to scheme up plays for him, and Carson Wentz needs to find him quickly.
Compares to
Marquise Brown and Nelson Agholor
Untapped potential
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