My Scouting Report for Jalen Hurts

Jalen Hurts

Team : Philadelphia Eagles | Sports : Football | Position : QB | Status : Active | Location :United States

Player Scouting Report

Players Scouting Reviewer : myles.whitmore . Position :Quarterback [QB]

Arm Strength/Power
He has good ball velocity and can throw the ball down the field with some zip.
Short Accuracy (1-10 yds)
He completes passes at the short level but regularly fails to give his receivers the ability to gain yards after the catch. Throws a good screen though.
Imtermediate Accuracy (10-20 yds)
Has the capability to be a very accurate intermediate thrower. This is the area of the field where he locates open receivers best and delivers great passes.
Long Accuracy (20+ yds)
Throws behind or in front of the wide receiver when he goes deep, and most of his deep completions were the result of Lincoln Riley's scheme.
Pocket Presence
needs to do a better job at feeling pressure and recognizing it pre-snap
He can extend the play by throwing on the run with good accuracy. He has good awareness as a rusher who can gain yardage with his legs.
Struggles to find open receivers and takes awhile going through his progressions.
Hurts displays sound mechanics as a thrower.
Had an ankle injury that required minor surgery but nothing major.
Coaches and teammates and reporters rave about his leadership as he was a starter, back-up and even in his short time at Oklahoma
Game Management
Similar to Alex Smith as a game manager because he is efficient. He won't throw the ball to the other team on 3rd down or in the red zone. In short-yardage situations, he is likely to move the chains rather than go for the big play.
Makes erratic decisions on a constant basis and leads to turnovers. Sometimes he just misses defenders in the passing lane.
Hurts has adequate height at 6'2". He could be a little bigger but bulking up isn't a huge issue.
runs a 4.48 40 yard dash, which is great for a QB
Play-Making Ability
More of a threat with his legs than his arm but has above average play-making ability
Hurts was very productive while he was a starting QB in college but part of his success was the result of good schemes.
He could improve his vision and decision making but his comradery, personality, toughness, and diligence are solid.
Has impeccable leadership traits and makes his teammates better. No legal issues, answers interview questions perfectly
He can be rather inconsistent throughout games and drives but nothing too serious.
Jalen Hurts has a lot of strengths that helped him throughout his tenure at Alabama and Oklahoma. For starters, his mobility has helped him be an effective dual-threat QB with a great juke move. In fact, he has the capability of pulling off big-time runs when he has an open lane down the field. Along the lines of mobility, Hurts exhibits great accuracy when he is throwing on the run. However, when he’s just dropping back, Hurts is able to locate open receivers at the intermediate level and deliver good passes to them.
Many of Hurts’ weaknesses pertain to the fact that he struggles at being a pure pocket QB. For instance, Hurts frequently misses open receivers at the short and deep levels of the field or delivers late passes at the intermediate level. As a result, Hurts often struggles at delivering passes in a window where his receivers will have a low likelihood of being blindsided. When it comes to Hurts’ accuracy, he struggles profusely at throwing deep passes and often overthrows his receivers. When Hurts deals with a significant amount of pressure, his mechanics and accuracy deteriorate, as well. Another area of concern is the fact that Hurts’ often forces passes into lanes where defenders are located.
Overall Analysis
Throughout his college football career, Jalen Hurts had one of the most interesting paths in the history of college football history. After becoming the first true freshman quarterback to start for the University of Alabama, Hurts led the Crimson Tide to a perfect regular season record of 12-0 and a national championship berth. After suffering a defeat against Deshaun Watson and the Clemson Tigers in the championship game, Hurts was able to lead the Crimson Tide to another championship berth against the Georgia Bulldogs. During this championship game, Hurts struggled heavily and was benched for freshman, Tua Tagovailoa, who led the Crimson Tide to a victory in relief of Hurts. During Hurts’ Junior season, Hurts was designated as the second-string QB behind Tua Tagovailoa who carried the University of Alabama to another championship berth against Clemson. Before the start of his Senior season, Hurts transferred to the University of Oklahoma to a Big 12 Conference Championship and College Football Playoff berth. At the NFL level, Hurts will need a solid play caller like Matt Nagy or Matt Rhule, who can create good schemes for mobile QBs. There is no hiding the fact that Hurts is a scheme dependent QB, and thus will likely have lapses where he is inconsistent if he goes against a great defensive coordinator. However, Hurts would struggle on a team like the Jaguars, who have a history of failing to develop their quarterbacks. As a whole, Hurts' ceiling is Dak Prescott because their playing styles are very similar. They each are mobile signal-callers, who can extend plays with their legs. However, his floor is Tyrod Taylor because Hurts struggles to find open receivers and has a tendency to hold onto the ball too long. Although the best player comp to Hurts is Mitch Trubisky, who exhibits poor decision-making skills, erratic accuracy, but yet can extend plays with his legs, gain yards on the ground, and has a great clutch gene.
Compares to
Ceiling: Dak Prescott, Medium: Mitch Trubisky, Floor: Tyrod Taylor
Untapped potential
peak potential
post peak