My Scouting Report for Jacob Eason

Jacob Eason

Team : Washington Huskies (FB) | Sports : Football | Position : QB | Status : Active | Location :United States

Player Scouting Report

Players Scouting Reviewer : myles.whitmore . Position :Quarterback [QB]

Arm Strength/Power
Known for his arm strength. Jacob Eason has tremendous ball velocity, and can throw the ball with a lot of zip.
Short Accuracy (1-10 yds)
Drastically improved as a passer at the short level of the field. He can beat tight coverage at this range due to his immense arm strength.
Imtermediate Accuracy (10-20 yds)
Sometimes misses high at the intermediate range but knows how to throw lasers against tight window coverage. He can also complete back shoulder throws when necessary.
Long Accuracy (20+ yds)
His deep accuracy has improved better than any other attribute of his game. He can deliver perfect passes at the deep level of the field.
Pocket Presence
Eason displays impeccable poise and comfort in the pocket, even when it breaks down. He usually knows when to bail. Although he needs to add another move to his arsenal to beat pressure because he only tends to roll left.
Throws well on the run but isn't a threat to gain yards on the ground.
Eason struggles immensely with his vision. Almost every drive he fails to see wide-open receivers and instead opts to throw contested passes. He also gets his receivers walloped because of his inability to recognize the defenders around them.
Jacob Eason has quality mechanics when he has time to throw.
had a significant knee injury that caused him to lose his job to Jake Fromm
Eason's coach at Georgia said that Fromm was more of a leader than Eason. He isn't a loud, macho guy but he gained the respect of his teammates at Washington.
Game Management
Jacob Eason can get into a rhythm and be a distributor when called upon. However, his consistent bad decisions prevent him from being a reliable game manager who can gradually move the ball throughout drives.
Makes way too many turnover worthy throws due to the fact that he fails to recognize defenders in passing lanes.
Has prototypical height and adequate weight
Doesn't have wheels but can out-run defensive linemen
Play-Making Ability
His deep ball accuracy and tight window accuracy make him a consistent threat to create a big play.
His overall production is underwhelming but last year he put up satisfactory numbers in a great Washington scheme.
Has great poise under pressure and stellar tight window accuracy
He's quiet but no red flags
Inconsistent throughout the course of his games.
Jacob Eason's physical attributes make him one of the most underrated QB prospects in this draft class. Besides his prototypical size, he possesses a cannon of an arm that allows him to throw the football with immense zip. In fact, his arm strength can beat the tightest of coverages, especially short passes. Moreover, Jacob Eason will almost never underthrow a receiver going deep because he has more than enough mustard to complete deep passes, even on the run or under pressure. As a result of his arm strength and gunslinger mentality, he is constantly a threat to create big plays. Although he also has enough touch to deliver great jump balls in the end zone on fly and fade routes. Touch isn't his best attribute, but it is definitely above average. Aside from his physical attributes, Jacob Eason has some intangibles that will assist him at the next level. For instance, his poise under pressure is remarkable. Even when defenders are in his face he remains calm and delivers accurate, mesmerizing passes within the pocket. Eason doesn't just have a quality pocket presence, he has elite level toughness. In fact, he is one of the toughest QB prospects I have ever scouted, tougher than nails.
Most of Jacob Eason's weaknesses relate to the mental side of being a quarterback. For instance, he struggles to go through progressions and regularly misses wide-open receivers. This issue is so evident that Eason consistently leaves points off the board every drive because of his inability to see pass-catchers streaking wide open down or across the field. He also gets his receivers walloped because of his inability to recognize the defenders around them. To address this issue, he needs to work on manipulating defenses with his eyes/vision. In addition to his vision, Eason needs to improve his decision making. While Eason many offensive coordinators will love his fearless, gunslinging nature, they will also get irritated at his inability to identify defenders in passing lanes. His decision making isn't the worst of this draft class, but he makes way too many turnover worthy throws because he tends to target receivers battling double coverage. He also struggles with snaps. During his time at Washington, Eason struggled to hold onto snaps and never seemed in sync with his center.
Overall Analysis
Jacob Eason is one of the most underrated signal-callers in this draft class. Even though he is not a completely polished prospect, he has the arm strength and mentality necessary to be a great QB in a vertical offensive scheme. Within a scheme similar to Bruce Arians' Eason would be able to gain a significant comfort level and eventually play well with a tier 2 ceiling. Some people might round down on him for losing his job to Jake Fromm at the University of Georgia but he was a completely different player compared to now. He has improved his pocket presence, throw on the run, deep accuracy and many other attributes of his game. He will still need to improve his vision and decision making but his upside is more than worth a potential second/third-round pick. At the next level, he will desperately need a genius OC along with a reliable OL. Nevertheless, I would not be surprised if he excels as an NFL starter one day.
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Joe Flacco
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