My Scouting Report for JaMarr Chase

JaMarr Chase

Team : LSU Tigers (FB) | Sports : Football | Position : WR | Status : Active | Location :United States

Player Scouting Report

Players Scouting Reviewer : mgomes429 . Position :Wide Receiver [WR]

He can run and has very good acceleration. If I had to put a time on him I would say he runs in the mid 4.4's. His acceleration helps him create space on his routes and running after the catch.
Pass Catching
He has got very consistent hands as evident with his 84 receptions. Its an easy transition for him in terms of catching the football and running after the catch. He extends his arms and uses that to create a bit more seperation on the point of catch.
Route Running
He has a good understanding of defensive coverages and knows how to use defenders hips aginst them by allowing defenders to open up thier hips and run the opposite sideforcing defenders to stumble on transition.
Corner Backs with very good press coverage can give him a bit of trouble at times but he can make up for it using his exceptional route running and hands.
Vertical Ability
He has got elite acceleration allowing him to quickly get of the line of scrimmage with great suddeness. This allows him to create great seperation and he has got natural hands to catch it and transition in to the run quickly.He can also adjust to the ball and catch it over his shoulder with ease.
Run after Catch
This is where you see his elite acceleration as he can take a quick slant route to the house with ease. His transition and quickness from catch to run is incredible and is a dangerous tool to his game.
Catching in Traffic
If he does not seperate and is forced to catch it in traffic he can struggle. This is due to his lack of great strength. He is more of a fluid runner than that of an explosive one. His transitions are very smooth but his explosiviness through contact is not, which is why he may struggle catching the football in traffic.
Big Play Ability
He is a big play waiting to happen as he creates easy seperation and is able to accelerate through space making it hard for even elite defenders to lay hands on him.
During his last season of high school football he suffered a season ending knee injury. But he has been relatively healthy through out college.
He prefers to work in space rather than contact but he will occassionally lower the shoulder. He is not an overly physical reciever.
He had 84 REC's for 1,784 yards which is unreal production. Mind you he was also playing with the best QB in College FB. But regardless he was thier most dangerous playmaker.
I can not judge this as I have not met with him personally.
Deep Threat
He has great route running ability and his elite quickness allwes him to beat man to man coverage with realtive ease. He also understands how to get open. But he is not the most natural deep threat I have seen.
Over the Middle
If there is an open space he will catch it and create yards after the catch but if he is caught in traffic he can struggle to make the catch through contact.
His acceleration and transition to catch and run is elite and will allow him to make alot of plays at the next level but he does need to get stronger to avoid being shut down by press coverage.
Last year he was outsanding but keep in mind he has had only one year of really good production. This year will be the true test and we will see how productive he will be with someone new under center. But in terms of skillset he has all that you can ask for.
He has elite quickness and acceleration. He also understands route concepts and has good technique. He has great playmaking ability because he accelerates through space very quickly allowing him to cut through a seam and take it the distance. He has very consitent hands and the transition from catch to run is incredibly smooth.
His play strength is not the greatest as he can struggle to get out of press coverage. If he fails to win with his quickness and acceleration he gets a bit stuck in the mud. He also does not catch in traffic all that well as contact will throw him off a bit and he will drop the football in those situations. He is only 6ft as well so his catch radius is not the longest and high pointing the football is not his strength.
Overall Analysis
He is an outstanding prospect but I still need to see more from him as he has only had one really produtive season and he had the best QB in college FB throwing it to him. He posesse's elite acceleration and quickness and understands how to run routes. If he can have a productive season in 2020 I expect him to be the top reciever selected. That is to be determined based on the 2020 season. Projected (Top 10) Personal Projection (Top 15)
Compares to
Doug Baldwin
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