My Scouting Report for J.K. Dobbins

J.K. Dobbins

Team : Baltimore Ravens | Sports : Football | Position : RB | Status : Active | Location :United States

Player Scouting Report

Players Scouting Reviewer : myles.whitmore . Position :Running Back [RB]

J.K. Dobbins possesses enough speed to beat defenders to the outside and break through holes and reach the second level.
Dobbins exhibited an impressive arsenal of elusive moves last year when it came to his ability to perform jukes, spin moves and cutbacks. However, he was more elusive in 2017 compared to 2018.
Run Power
Dobbins is a good running back in both goal-line and short yard conversion situations due to his impressive leg strength. Defenders are rarely able to tackle Dobbins in one on one situations and as a result, they often need to gang tackle him.
Dobbins is able to make defenders miss at the second level and in open space with a deadly juke move. Also, his patient style allows him to wait for holes to develop so that he can take advantage.
Pass Catching
Dobbins has great hands in the receiving game and is a threat when he catches the ball off of a screen.
J.K. is a very patient running back who allows his blocks to create a hole and then uses his explosiveness to burst to the second level. Once he is past the hole, he is excellent at keeping his eyes down the field and looking for blockers and running lanes to attack.
Running in Traffic
J.K. Dobbins excels at breaking out of tackles and slipping through defenders and bursting out 15+ yard runs. Dobbins' ability to create a big run out of nothing is impeccable.
Dobbins had a knee injury which he suffered during the first play of his senior year of high school.
J.K. Dobbins has great leg strength which enables him to barrel through linebackers and defensive linemen. He is constantly carrying defenders on his back and has a good stiff arm, which he uses to throw off LBs and DBs.
Dobbins has a good height and decent weight at 5'10" and 216 lbs.
Dobbins was extremely productive during his freshman year, accumulating 1,400+ rushing yards in the 2017-18 season. During the 2018-19 season, Dobbins saw his rushing yardage total decrease, but this was mostly the result of the reemergence of former Mike Weber.
Dobbins was adept at recognizing incoming blitzes, pre, and post-snap. He is usually able to keep defenders away from his quarterback long enough for them to find an open receiver. Although, he has a tendency to get pushed back after the initial contact, which needs to be mitigated next season.
Dobbins has good patience, vision, confidence, and chemistry with teammates. In fact, he showed no animosity toward having to split carries with Mike Weber. He also has an amazing ability to consistently carry the ball without giving up any fumbles. Plus, he has the stamina to constantly deliver big plays.
Dobbins is a relentless runner and blocker who isn't afraid of putting his head down and running through defenders or standing his ground to deliver a good block to protect his quarterback.
J.K. Dobbins has no issues on or off the field and his coaches rave about him.
Dobbins had more issues with consistency during his sophomore season compared to his freshman season. However, many players in Urban Meyer's systems often exhibit issues with consistency as a result of the depth at the roster, play calling and schemes. Therefore, game-to-game consistency is something to look out for with Dobbins, but not too much. Yet, Dobbins is an efficient running back who is good at getting to the second level.
Big Play Ability
Dobbins flashed a lot of big-play capability during his freshman year and is always a threat to shed multiple tackles and break out a 10+ yard run. However, last season, he didn't have as many breakaway rushes, which will need to change.
J.K. Dobbins is great at utilizing his elusiveness, speed and strength to burst out explosive runs. As a result of his habit of patiently waiting for holes to develop at the line of scrimmage, Dobbins is able to find running lanes to run through in order to consistently reach the second level of the defense. Although, even if he gets touched close to the line of scrimmage, Dobbins's leg strength enables him to shed through traffic and create highlight reel plays. Dobbins is also able to utilize jukes, cutbacks and spin moves in order to make defenders miss in open space and at the line of scrimmage. Moreover, Dobbins is also a great blocker in pass protection and is effective in the passing game as a WR.
There aren't many weaknesses to J.K. Dobbins' game. The only glaring issue needed to be remedied is J.K. Dobbins' ability to not get pushed back too far after he initially comes to contact defenders on blocks.
Overall Analysis
Dobbins has the toughness and speed necessary to be an every-down, all-purpose running back next year. His mix of both finesse and power, make him the perfect running back to be used in almost any situation. His juke move and cutbacks are especially deadly because they frequently make defenders miss in open space and at the second level. Plus, he has the stamina necessary to be a work-horse running back. If Ryan Day can ensure that Ohio State's offensive line plays at a high level, J.K. Dobbins can top his freshman year success and solidify his place as a top 3 running back in the NCAA.
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