My Scouting Report for Isaiah Simmons

Isaiah Simmons

Team : Arizona Cardinals | Sports : Football | Position : CB | Status : Active | Location :United States

Player Scouting Report

Players Scouting Reviewer : mgomes429 . Position :Strong Safety [SS]

He is very explosive especially given his size 6'4 230. Check Clemson vs Georgia Tech 2018 2nd QT 12:44. Ran of 4.39 at the combine.
Athletically gifted to get around blocks but needs to learn how to play with fundamentals. Meaning he should improve on engaging and disengaging in blocks.
He is an extremely rare athlete who will explode to the ball carrier quickly. He plays like a corner in a linebacker's body.
Play Recognition
He reacts and explodes to the ball carrier when he notices a runner taking off. Although when the QB hands it off to the running back on in inside zone he struggles to penetrate and often gets too high with his pad level and gets blocked.
He has really good length that allows him to cover both TE's and WR's. It also allows him to wrap up ball carriers using his long arms.
When he recognizes a scrambler he goes after it and you see the explosiveness he possesses. Check Georgia Tech vs Clemson 2nd QT 0:55 to go.
Man Coverage
He is a LB who can play the safety position as well. He can cover TE 's and WR's but he is still 6'4 which means he is subject to getting beat by guys who are very quick.
Zone Coverage
More natural to Isaiah because he is long and most of the time during zone coverage he is covering TE's which he can definitely do using his athletism.
He got a nice interception against Louisville in 2018 it was the 2nd QT 11:48 to go.
I don't know about any major injuries.
I can not judge this as I do not know him.
He can end up becoming an elite LB at the next level.
This runs hot and cold for me. There are times I see on film where he is not giving full effort. Notre Dame vs Clemson 2018 1st QT 6:24 to go. In this play he could have gotten into the tackle maybe would have had a fumble if he was more anxious to get the ball carrier.
He is a tremendous athlete who explodes to the ball carrier and it looks like he's gliding in space. He is often in zone coverage thanks to the athleticism. He also has really good size and length 6"4 230. He is a hybrid player LB/S can play either or effectively.
Does not possess a true position because he is too big to play safety and have the necessary quickness to flip his hips and on the other hand he lacks the ideal strength to play LB
Overall Analysis
He has room to grow and become a very good LB but he needs to find a position that suits him. I would recommend outside LB in either a 3-4 or 4-3. His comparison is complicated because he is a mix between a few players such as Keanu Neal, Darron Lee, Tremaine Edmunds. He may also wind up being a player similar to Ryan Shazier who was an athletic specimen coming out of Ohio State. I think Isaiah Simmons is just a bigger version who is a bit less polished. (Rounds 1) (Top 15 Talent )
Compares to
Tremaine Edmunds/Ryan Shazier
Untapped potential
peak potential
post peak