My Scouting Report for Henry Ruggs

Henry Ruggs

Team : Las Vegas Raiders | Sports : Football | Position : WR | Status : Active | Location :United States

Player Scouting Report

Players Scouting Reviewer : mgomes429 . Position :Wide Receiver [WR]

This is what makes him incredibly dangerous. He ran a 4.27 at the combine
Pass Catching
He has got pretty good hands does not drop a lot of balls and has big hands. He has got 10in hands
Route Running
He is mostly known for his speed and is better when he just has to run go routes and slants. He also works in the WR screen game and possesses elite acceleration.
Stronger than his tiny frame may suggest at 5'11 190 and makes tough catches where he knows he is gonna get hit. Strong hands and composer to hold on to the football.
Vertical Ability
This is his best trait and what makes him a highly touted prospect in this year's draft. He has got elite speed to stretch the field and consistently runs by corners. He also tracks the ball well and possesses the hands to pluck the ball out of the air.
Run after Catch
He can take a screen to the house. Check out the first play against New Mexico St. He is just so fast and it shows fully on that play. He has got the skills to break away at any part of the field with just a small seam.
Catching in Traffic
He makes a lot of contested catches and he high points the football. There was a TD catch against Auburn where he snatches the football with one hand out of mid-air it was incredible. This is due to his large hand size which allows him to grip the football with ease.
Big Play Ability
He is a big play waiting to happen but on the downside, he can be easily be put off balance due to his slender stature. He has game-breaking speed and good tracking ability which is evident by his career TD's in his first year. where he only had 12 rec but 6 of those where TD's
He had a concussion this past season but nothing else outside of that.
He will make catches in between defenders and take big hits while holding on to the football. Check against LSU where he gets hit by a defender and holds on for a TD.
This is a concern because he has never had a season with over 50 receptions or even reached 1000 yards. He is seen mainly as a deep threat and his production is underwhelming considering his speed.
I can not judge this as I have not met him.
Deep Threat
This is what he projects to do best at the next level. He has got World-class speed but is not the most natural at tracking the deep ball. In my opinion, that's fine because he tends to catch with his hands and away from his body.
Over the Middle
He has got the hands and toughness to catch it over the middle. Though his position is best suited on the outside where he can take advantage of his speed
He has got the room to grow and become a better route runner but you can not teach speed. He also has very good hands and with better understanding of different route concepts, he can be very good.
This runs hot and cold because one game he has multiple catches and another he seems to disappear. He needs to run more routes and expand his route tree if he wants to be a consistent receiver at the next level
He has got elite speed. He has got the ability to high point the football and make contested catches. He can take the top off a defense and can break away on a WR screen at any point he gets a seam opening. He also displays toughness on hanging on to the football after big hits.
His route running is underdeveloped. He needs to expand his route tree. Also for a guy that is so fast, he doesn't naturally track the ball well on deep throws. Rather he catches the football with his hands rather than cradling and running as you should on longer arcing throws. This causes him to slow down for a brief moment to concentrate on the catch.
Overall Analysis
I think Henry Ruggs has got the potential to develop into a very good receiver at the next level. he needs to refine his route running along with tracking the ball better. But overall his athleticism and hands will go along way towards his initial success. With a good WR's coach that can teach him to run routes, you will have a mismatch nightmare. Top 20 Pick (Projected Round 1) I say he goes anywhere from 11-25 considering team schemes Team Fits( Eagles, Jets, Broncos)
Compares to
Desean Jackson
Untapped potential
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