My Scouting Report for Gregory Rousseau

Gregory Rousseau

Team : Miami Hurricanes (FB) | Sports : Football | Position : DE | Status : Active | Location :United States

Player Scouting Report

Players Scouting Reviewer : mgomes429 . Position :Defensive End [DE]

Power Moves
Gregory Rousseau plays alot of his snaps inside in a 5 technique. He wins with length and an explosive first step. He has an advantage on the inside because most guards are slow footed and have short arms.
Finesse Moves
He is a more of a finesse athlete as oppose to power. He wins with length and bend. He is normally able to create leverage with his arms rather than his leverage which is problematic, if he does not work on his technique at the next level stronger tackles and guards will drive him back.
He can be a bit to hesitant at times when trying to determine the snap count which will make him a step to slow. But in terms of his first step its explosive. He just needs to be more instinctual rather than rely on his athletisicm after being engaged with the tackle or guard.
Block Shedding
His length really help him out in this standpoint as most guards struggle to place hands on Greg once he extends his arms. This is a huge advantage plus he has got good athleticism adding to further problems for offensive lineman.
He relies to much on his body weight and length at times. He tackles high and against stronger running backs that use leg drive it will cause Greg problems. He lacks a bit of power and you can just tell with his frame.
He will hussel and chase the ball carrier. He has got length and will utilize that to try to wrap up the ball carrier.
He tends to engage with the blocker and use his length as momentum to propel himself foward. At times he can be a bit to out of control but he does hussel and provide effort. He is highly disruptive and will only continue to get better.
He seems very athletic and if I had to put a number on his time I would say its in the low to mid 4.6´s.
He had ankle surgery back in September of 2018.
Its the ideal length that you look for an a priemer edge rusher at 6"6 260.
I can not judge as I have not met him before personally.
He is very raw in this area and is where he has to work on the most. He plays high and lacks different types of pass rushing moves to be effective in the NFL.
He has got a ton of upside but it needs to be harnessed and he needs to learn the fundementals of pass rushing. He too often relies on his athletcism to beat Offensive Lineman rather than technique which is crucial in the NFL.
There are times he flases and others where he can be overpowered by stronger lineman and completly washed out of the play due to playing high.
He has got tremendous length at 6"6 260lbs along with good athletcism to scare tackles. He also has expierence playing 5 technique on the inside of the DL. This allows teams to be scheme versatile. He is still growing and can still add muscle to his frame.
He is extremely raw and needs to stop over relying on his size and athleticism. Against good tackles at the next level he will be stonewallled and deemed ineffective. He tends to play very high and relies to much around finesse moves while ignoring power moves. He needs to work on his technique and utilize his 260 lbs frame better. He lacks power which takes away a speed to power rush that can be very effective against taller offensive lineman.
Overall Analysis
He needs to develop more pass rushing moves and add muscle. He is very lean and it would benefit Gregory to add some strength. This will allow him to better utilize the bull rush and open up opprutunity for more effective pass rushing moves. He posesse's unteachble traits which is size at 6"6 260 and athleticism but he lacks the technical aspect. I think with a good DL coach he can become a very dangerous edge rusher. It may just take some time. Projected (Top 15) Personal Projection (Top 25) Team Fits (Rams, Jets, Lions)
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