My Scouting Report for George Kittle

George Kittle

Team : San Francisco 49ers | Sports : Football | Position : TE | Status : Active | Location :United States

Player Scouting Report

Players Scouting Reviewer : myles.whitmore . Position :Tight End [TE]

Kittle is a speedy tight end, who runs an outstanding 4.52 40-yard dash. He exhibits tremendous speed for a tight end in open space and can beat defenders to the outside and outrun LBs and even some DBs.
Pass Catching
George Kittle has a large catch radius and great concentration to complete catches in traffic. However, he needs to mitigate his drop totals and rate. Nonetheless, he is still a reliable target.
Route Running
Kittle needs to do a better job at cutting on routes, as well as footwork. He also needs to improve his release and ability to shed press coverage. Although as the season progressed his route running did improve.
Kittle has decent strength for a tight end but would be a better pass blocker if he worked on both his upper and lower body strength.
Run Blocking
George Kittle has proper run block recognition and is excellent at assisting on blocks. However, he needs to work on holding his ground more on blocks.
Kittle possesses above-average agility and elusiveness, which helps him force missed tackles. His quickness is a big reason why he can get open on any given play.
Run After Catch
Last season Kittle became the first tight end to ever lead the NFL in yards after the catch last season. Kittle's elusiveness and ball carrier vision help him get into open space and then locate downfield blockers to run behind for big plays. Plus he is a physical runner who isn't afraid to lower his shoulder and run into contact. Additionally, he had no fumbles last season, so he is exceptional at holding onto the football.
Big Play Ability
Kittle is always a threat to make a big play due to his tremendous YAC ability and great hands.
Kittle has sustained minor chest, knee, and rib injuries throughout last season, but didn't have to miss any time as a result.
Kittle was the most productive and efficient tight end last season, leading all tight ends in receiving yards, YAC and YAC/Rec. He also broke numerous records without a starting-caliber quarterback for the majority of last season.
George was voted one of 5 team captains last season and has the respect of his teammates and coaches. Kittle is also an extraordinarily hardworking and humble player who is ready to work on his route running, catching, agility and speed next season.
Kittle has excellent IQ, toughness, coachability, and diligence.
Kittle is a consistent and reliable tight end throughout every drive and game.
George Kittle is an exceptional tight end at accumulating yards after the catch due to his speed, agility, and ability to find blockers downfield. He fights for every inch, isn't afraid of contact in the receiving or blocking game, and showcases effort on every single play. Resultantly, he was able to break the NFL single-season record for receiving yards for a tight end and be the first tight end ever to lead the league in YAC. Moreover, Kittle possesses the speed to beat defenders to the outside on slant and out routes and outrun linebackers and even some DBs. Consequently, Kittle was always a mismatch for defensives in the NFL, and the most significant TE threat to make a big play. Overall, he was the most efficient and productive tight end when it came to gaining receiving yards. When it comes to blocking, Kittle was one the best run-blocking tight ends when it came to picking up blitzing assignments.
One of the most significant areas of improvement for Kittle is his route running because he often runs to high on routes and has trouble shedding press coverage. Furthermore, he needs to work on making crisper routes, overall footwork, running lower on his routes and his release. In addition, Kittle needs to work on his pass blocking, as he is often pushed far back towards the quarterback whenever he is pass blocking. However, this issue is more so the result of his lack of strength compared to pass rushers than his blocking technique. Also, it would benefit Kittle to get stronger so that he can hold his ground on run blocks too.
Overall Analysis
Last season George Kittle asserted himself as an elite tight-end and one of the 49ers lone bright spots. Kittle was an enormous threat in the receiving game, due to his large catch radius, great ball carrying, vision, and exceptional speed. In his sophomore season, George was a reliable target, who could catch passes underneath and break tackles or force missed tackles to move the chains. Plus, Kittle was able to find holes in the defense at the intermediate and deep levels of the field and pick up big chunks of yardage. As it pertains to blocking, Kittle frequently picked up blocking assignments and gave the RB a lane to run through. However, he sometimes lacked the strength to push a linebacker or defensive linemen back on both passing and running plays. While Kittle was a receiving threat who broke numerous records, he and his head coach, Kyle Shannahan, both agree that he needs to improve his route running to remain a reliable target next season. Although as the season progressed, Kittle displayed improved route running and this trend will likely continue into the 2019 season. If Kittle can enhance his route running, he has the potential to continue to be an elite TE for the rest of his career.
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