My Scouting Report for Evan Engram

Evan Engram

Team : New York Giants | Sports : Football | Position : TE | Status : Active | Location :United States

Player Scouting Report

Players Scouting Reviewer : TFriedlaender . Position :Tight End [TE]

Definitely one of the fastest TE in the league. Used a lot in the screen game, and gets hand offs as well.
Pass Catching
Solid hands, doesn't drop the easy catches. Could improve on catching the ball over tight coverage, or hanging on to the ball through contact.
Route Running
Very smooth runner, very good in and out of breaks. Uses head fakes well to sell defenders on his routes. Most of his releases are extremely clean off the line.
Lighter than your average TE, and it shows because sometimes he gets pushed around. Can get caught up in the line on some route releases.
Run Blocking
Better than expected. Does a good job on reach blocks on the weak side of the play, allows his running backs to use cut back lanes. Also a very good stalk blocker against DB's and LB's.
Super quick and smooth for his size and his position.
Run After Catch
Forces missed tackles in the open field. Used heavily in the screen game.
Big Play Ability
Would be more of a big play threat if he improves his ability to separate on deep routes or his ability to high point the ball over defenders.
Played 15 games his first year, but the last two years he's only played 19 games in total.
Receives a good amount of targets, and catches a very good percentage of targets. I wish he was able to make more big plays down the field.
Engram is in the upper tier when it comes to being an athlete at the TE position. His route running and run after catch ability is his most noticeable and probably best attribute he has. He is best when facing zone coverage, really good at finding windows to get open in zone coverage. His best routes are curl routes, slants, and delayed release screen plays as well as delayed release into the flats. Does a really great job most of the time hitting the DE to help his O-line before he releases to his route. He is an underrated run blocker, reach blocks on the weak side allows cut back lanes to open for his RB. Above average stalk blocker, gets to the second level and takes the LB's and DB's out of the play to open up long runs.
Engrams biggest weakness is his weight and strength. He is 6'3 240 lbs which is on the lighter side for TE's, it shows on his film because he sometimes gets pushed around when trying to run block DE's. He also has some trouble holding onto contested catches, safeties can sometimes deliver a hit that jars the ball loose in the middle of the field. Also he doesn't high point the ball as well as you would like on fade routes in the corner of the end zone. Struggles a little bit against man coverage because he doesn't make many contested catches and he doesn't create much space on deeper routes. He isn't used as a lead blocker much on runs but could be more aggressive when he hits the hole as a lead blocker.
Overall Analysis
Evan Engram definitely has the ability to be a top tier TE and multiple year pro bowler. His athleticism is elite and he is a better blocker than most people want to give him credit for. He is one of the best route runners for his position and he has the ability to split out all the way outside to the numbers, and if he gets bigger and stronger he should be able to be an all down TE. His biggest problem in my eyes is his ability to catch contested balls, if he does improve he could be an automatic 3rd down conversion because he is too fast for LB's and too big for DB's. I think he takes a big step next year if he stays healthy, he has the ability to make the pro bowl multiple years.
Compares to
Jordan Reed, Travis Kelce
Untapped potential
peak potential
post peak