My Scouting Report for Elijah Moore

Elijah Moore

Team : Mississippi Rebels (FB) | Sports : Football | Position : WR | Status : Active | Location :United States

Player Scouting Report

Players Scouting Reviewer : myles.whitmore . Position :Wide Receiver [WR]

Elijah Moore has blazing speed and runs a 4.35 40 yard dash. He uses this speed to burn defensive backs downfield.
Pass Catching
Elijah Moore is a reliable receiver who regularly completes clean catches. Despite his small hands, Moore can complete incredible one-handed snags. Plus, he has the concentration to catch balls over the shoulder and across the middle in traffic.
Route Running
Moore is a dynamic route runner who can start and stop with flawless and fluid motion. However, he often gives half effort, runs too high, and struggles to beat physical coverage. Therefore, he is an inconsistent route runner who needs to refine his technique and gain more discipline.
Elijah Moore is a small receiver standing at 5'9", 185 lbs. His lack of size prevents him from dominating against press coverage. Plus, he is a weak run blocker who fails to hold his ground.
Vertical Ability
Elijah Moore is a playmaker who brings in tons of deep passes. Against defenses like Florida and Vanderbilt, Moore feasted downfield due to his contested catch ability and separation skills.
Run after Catch
Elijah Moore was successful in gaining yards after the catch due to his speed and separation skills. While he has elusiveness, many fans and analysts overhype his ability to make defenders miss in space. This weakness, coupled with his lack of strength, will likely prevent him from being a YAC monster in the NFL. This prediction will definitely be accurate if Moore is not playing in an aggressive and creative scheme.
Catching in Traffic
Elijah Moore's ability to concentrate through traffic and complete contested catches is remarkable. This ability makes him deadly across the middle, especially on slant routes.
Big Play Ability
Elijah Moore is a deadly playmaker. His speed and dynamic footwork present him excellent opportunities working across the middle and deep downfield. He would be an excellent WR to help expand the field.
Lane Kiffin said Moore struggled with nagging injuries throughout his college career. However, these injuries are not disclosed. He got his bell rung against Arkansas in the first quarter.
Moore fights for contested catches. In fact, his ability to absorb contact across the middle is commendable. However, he takes off too many plays, does not fight for every inch, and fails to fend off press coverage. Plus, he is not an active blocker.
Elijah Moore was a productive WR throughout his time at Ole Miss. Last season he hauled in 86 catches for 1,193 yards and eight scores. Plus, he only had two drops last season and was top ten in terms of deep catches/yards, slot catches/yards, and missed tackles forced.
His only infraction was pretending to urinate during the Egg Bowl during a TD celebration.
Deep Threat
While his scheme assisted him, Moore's speed and head fakes will make him a quality deep threat in the NFL.
Over the Middle
Elijah Moore excels working across the middle. Despite his size, he has the toughness and concentration to absorb hits while maintaining the catch. Therefore, he is a threat on slants and post routes, especially due to his elusive head fakes.
Elijah Moore has excellent upside but needs to improve his toughness, effort, and football awareness.
Elijah Moore was a pretty consistent WR at Ole Miss with dependable hands. However, he needs to refine his route running technique (especially on curl routes) and find a way to beat press coverage.
Elijah Moore's speed and hands will present him with tons of opportunities to succeed in the NFL. He can complete one-handed snags with ease and haul in difficult passes with poor ball placement. Additionally, his acceleration, concentration skills, and ball skills make him dominant downfield on fly and post routes. Moore is also a threat to gain extra yards after the catch because very few players can stop him once he gets behind the defense. Even though his height makes him a slot WR, he can also play some snaps outside and work across the middle.
Contrary to popular belief, Elijah Moore does not possess as much elusiveness as slot WRs like Rondale Moore. While he can run past defenders, he lacks dynamic moves like jukes or hurdles after the catch. Fortunately for him, his ability to outrun defenders and gain separation mid-route will raise his NFL ceiling. However, his inability to shred press coverage and inconsistent release will make it hard for him to go against players like Jalen Ramsey. Another issue for Moore is that he needs to refine his curl routes and stop running so high in between breaks. Plus, he makes mistakes with bad penalties and missed blocks due to his poor football awareness.
Overall Analysis
Elijah Moore is a late first-round or early second-round prospect. In the NFL, he projects to be a dynamic slot WR who will excel downfield and working across the middle. However, he will also need an aggressive scheme similar to the one he played in at Ole Miss to take advantage of his speed and talent. Unfortunately, run-heavy teams like Baltimore should not draft Moore due to poor run blocking. However, teams like the Packers, Saints, and Titans would benefit from his skill set.
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