My Scouting Report for Dyami Brown

Dyami Brown

Team : North Carolina Tar Heels (FB) | Sports : Football | Position : WR | Status : Active | Location :United States

Player Scouting Report

Players Scouting Reviewer : myles.whitmore . Position :Wide Receiver [WR]

Dyami Brown has an average 40-yard dash speed for a wide receiver. Nevertheless, he has enough elusiveness and acceleration to be a quality deep threat.
Pass Catching
Dyami Brown struggles at concentrating while trying to complete contested catches. He relies on his body to haul in too many passes as well.
Route Running
Brown is excellent at running vertical routes downfield. His acceleration and elusive double moves stun defenders and allow him to gain enough separation for deep TD catches. He's decent at running out routes and curls but needs to mitigate inefficient footwork, especially with his release.
Dyami Brown displayed excellent blocking last season. More specifically, Brown consistently drove back DBs in the run blocking game against teams like Miami and Virginia Tech. Plus, he has the forearm strength and elusiveness to brush past press coverage.
Vertical Ability
Dyami Brown excels at running vertical routes. His double moves, acceleration, and athleticism make him dangerously productive. This is undoubtedly where he should be utilized in the NFL.
Run after Catch
Brown isn't a YAC threat because he's often a jump ball receiver. However, his elusiveness and athleticism project him to be a decent YAC threat.
Catching in Traffic
Brown is an inconsistent contested-catch receiver who regularly struggles with his concentration. Moreover, drops too many passes due to late contact.
Big Play Ability
Brown is a big-play threat who averaged more than 20 yards per catch. He makes a ton of plays capitalizing on deep routes and uses his athleticism to make incredible plays.
I couldn't find any injury history.
Brown is a pretty tough wideout who bullied ACC defensive backs in the run blocking game. He is good at shedding press coverage but isn't a guy who will bulldoze through tackles after the catch.
Dyami Brown recorded 1,000+ yard receiving seasons in 2019 and 2020. He finished as a semi-finalist for the top WR award and was named first-team All-ACC in 2020.
He has no red flags and isn't afraid to speak up against racism.
Deep Threat
Brown is going to be an underrated deep-threat at the next level. He operates best downfield but will likely need time acclimating to the NFL due to his modest speed.
Over the Middle
Brown operates well on post routes and intermediate routes across the middle.
Brown has incredible intangibles when it comes to effort, toughness, and big-play ability. However, he needs to improve as a route runner at running a complete route tree. Nevertheless, his work ethic projects this to be a minor challenge.
Brown became a more consistent receiver in 2020 compared to 2019. However, his status as a deep threat will lead to volatile production in the NFL.
Dyami Brown excels best running vertical routes. Due to his acceleration and quality double moves, Brown frequently takes advantage of single coverage downfield and has the athleticism to haul in spectacular catches. He also uses his elusiveness to maximize intermediate catches across the middle of the field to move the chains and create big plays for long gains. Moreover, Brown regularly gains separation and has the intangibles necessary to be an NFL deep-threat who can become a more polished wide receiver.
Brown struggles with hauling in contested catches, even if contact is minimal or late. Also, Dyami needs to refrain from using his body to secure catches. While he excelled at separating from ACC defenders, he needs to mitigate inefficient footwork with his release and display less awkward motion on short routes. Over time he will need to learn a more complex route tree as well. However, Brown will be decent at running post, dig, and out routes in the NFL.
Overall Analysis
Washington found a terrific deep-threat in the NFL draft when they selected Dyami Brown. In Washington, Brown will be featured on vertical route concepts and allow offensive coordinator Scott Turner and QB Ryan Fitzpatrick to attack defenses downfield. Plus, he has the strength and toughness required to be a formidable blocker on the outside, which will open up tons of opportunities for RB Antonio Gibson. Dyami will likely be an inconsistent WR when he first plays in the regular season because vertical WRs are usually volatile. However, he could be one of the best steals in the draft if Washington maximizes his elusiveness while turning him into a complete WR.
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