My Scouting Report for Devonta Smith

Devonta Smith

Team : Alabama Crimson Tide (FB) | Sports : Football | Position : WR | Status : Active | Location :United States

Player Scouting Report

Players Scouting Reviewer : myles.whitmore . Position :Wide Receiver [WR]

DeVonta Smith is projected to run a 40-yard dash of approximately 4.5 seconds.
Pass Catching
DeVonta Smith has some of the best hands in this draft class. His ability to catch passes at a high point is incredible. Additionally, Smith has the concentration necessary to haul in contested catches. Furthermore, most of his drops came on inaccurate passes.
Route Running
DeVonta Smith has a great release to shed press coverage. His fluid motion gains significant separation against man coverage. Plus, his elusiveness and awareness help him find holes in zone coverage.
DeVonta Smith is stronger than his thin frame suggests. While at Alabama, Smith set his RB up with some quality blocks on the outside. Also, Smith is aggressive enough to haul in contested catches and gain inside leverage against press coverage.
Vertical Ability
DeVonta Smith's ability to find holes in zone coverage made him a fantastic vertical threat at Alabama. He continuously stretched the field with explosive plays.
Run after Catch
Over half of DeVonta Smith's total receiving yards came after the catch. Smith's long strides help him eat up big chunks of yardage and make it to the outside. Smith can also fend off shoddy tackling to move the chains and take a short pass the distance for a touchdown.
Catching in Traffic
DeVonta Smith is an aggressive wideout who utilizes his long wingspan to regularly haul in contested catches. He also has the concentration skills necessary to complete a catch through contact.
Big Play Ability
DeVonta Smith is a versatile weapon who can beat you in multiple ways. He can take a punt, short pass, or intermediate pass the distance for a touchdown. Moreover, he is especially great at finding holes in zone coverage for a deep TD.
DeVonta Smith has suffered finger and shoulder injuries.
Smith's toughness helps him play stronger than his frame. He will shock many NFL coaches with his ability to block on the outside and win against press coverage.
DeVonta Smith is the most productive wide receiver from this draft class. After catching 67 catches for 1,259 yards and 14 scores in 2019, Smith followed up with 117 receptions for 1,856 yards and 23 TDs. Plus, he won the Heisman, AP college football player of the year and the prestigious Biletnikoff award.
DeVonta Smith seems like a great guy on and off the field. His teammates, coaches, and even professors love this guy, and he will have a bright future in the NFL.
Deep Threat
Over the Middle
DeVonta Smith is a fantastic receiver across this area of the field. Smith has efficiently crisp footwork on drags, posts, and slants. Plus, he does a great job gaining separation but can absorb contact working across the middle if necessary.
DeVonta Smith exhibited a high-level understanding of coverages while at Alabama. In Steve Sarkisian's scheme, Smith made quick adjustments based on his opponents' defense.
DeVonta Smith is a consistent WR who can be relied on in any situation.
The best attribute that DeVonta Smith has is his catching ability. Smith completed many spectacularly contested catches while at the University of Alabama. Plus, he moved the chains at the intermediate and short levels of the field and had the elusiveness and awareness needed to slip past zone coverage for a deep score. Moreover, his long wingspan and quick release prevent him from being jammed in press coverage despite his thin frame. Smith is also an explosive receiver and punt returner who can eat up huge chunks of yardage with his long strides after the catch/punt.
DeVonta Smith's thin frame is the biggest weakness in his game. While Smith's toughness fends off tight coverage, NFL scouts will likely want to see DeVonta Smith bulk up to prevent him from future injury.
Overall Analysis
DeVonta Smith will be a versatile weapon in the NFL. Smith can play on the outside as an X receiver, in the slot utilizing his shiftiness and returning punts and kick-offs. However, Smith will likely be featured the most as a Z receiver who gains significant separation to move the chains and create big-plays against zone coverage. Furthermore, Smith is comparable to Colts legend Marvin Harrison due to his ability to make quick adjustments against coverage and excellent route-running skills. In this year's NFL draft, Smith should be selected within the first seven picks by a team like the Dolphins or Eagles.
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Marvin Harrison
Untapped potential
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