My Scouting Report for Devonta Smith

Devonta Smith

Team : Alabama Crimson Tide (FB) | Sports : Football | Position : WR | Status : Active | Location :United States

Player Scouting Report

Players Scouting Reviewer : mgomes429 . Position :Wide Receiver [WR]

He can run and has got great acceleration to separate immediately from the CB's coverage. usually in man to man its a mismatch in his favor. He probably runs in the low 4.4's.
Pass Catching
He has got natural hands and catches the ball well. His natural hands allow a seamless transition from catch to run which is what you want in your receivers especially those who can create separation.
Route Running
He is a pretty solid route runner and is able to use his acceleration to break off his routes to create separation. His ability to use his outside food and drive off that to accelerate through the route allows him to cause immediate separation. he showcased this skillset even against top competition like LSU. He forces the CB's to open up their hips earlier than they would like to create separation.
This is not one of his strengths as he only weighs 175lbs and can be out pushed around by bigger press CB's. He prefers to win with speed and route running. he needs to get bigger as he is too slender at his current weight
Vertical Ability
He has the speed to challenge most defenders and he can outrun most corners and explode using his breakaway speed. He is also very natural at tracking the deep ball even more so than his former teammate Henry Ruggs who was the 12th pick in the 2020 Draft.
Run after Catch
He is just so explosive and fast a few steps and he is running it in for a TD. he has the type of second gear that makes it hard for defenders to catch up.
Catching in Traffic
He has the ability to catch in traffic but he excels in space better and when he has separation.
Big Play Ability
He is a big play waiting to happen and explodes after the catch making him a threat to score every time he touches the football. he also can slide off of tacklers that try to tackle him high.
He injured his hamstring in 2017 against Missouri and he had a shoulder injury this past year against Ole Miss but nothing serious according to my research. then again his lack of girth at 175lbs may b an issue for him at the next level.
He will catch it over the middle and in between multiple defenders even though he only weighs about 175lbs.
He had an extremely productive 2019 season with 68 REC's for 1,256 yards and 14 TD's in 13 games. Mind you this is against SEC competition.
I can not judge this as I have not met with him personally.
Deep Threat
He is really natural at tracking the deep ball even more so than his former teammate Henry Ruggs. He catches it over the shoulder into his hand and chest area which is how you do it.
Over the Middle
He will catch it over the middle but can easily get tackled because of his frame. He does have sure hands though to make the catch.
I really like his natural ability to catch it and run after the catch as a receiver. this will make him a threat at the next level.
He was their big-play threat in that offense and not Henry Ruggs and this is proven through his production in putting up nearly 1300 yards for 14 TD's.
He is very explosive and fast. He is a good route runner who knows how to break off defenders with his agility and really drives off that leg to create extra separation. He also has natural hands that allow a seamless transition from catch to run. He is natural at catching the deep ball and does it with consistency. He had great production and this was due to the fact he separated well and tracked the football with consistency down the field. He has a second gear that allows him to run away from defenders as well.
He is 6'1 175lbs and you question his play strength on film. he will break tackles when defenders tackle high but his lack of girth makes him easy to bring down. He will struggle in press coverage and shorter routes if he fails to separate as corners will use their size to box him out of the play using their superior weight.
Overall Analysis
Devonta Smith is an outstanding prospect with the ability to get even better. Right now the biggest concern with him is his weight at 175lbs; that is very thin. He needs to bulk up to avoid injury due to big hits that can occur at the next level. He can also learn to be more physical at the stem of his route. But he makes up for his strength deficiency by being an explosive route runner who uses agility to separate. He also has great hands and is able to track the ball down the field naturally and with consistency which led to his great production. Current Projection (1st Round) Personal Projection ( Top 15)
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