My Scouting Report for Demarcus Lawrence

Demarcus Lawrence

Team : Dallas Cowboys | Sports : Football | Position : DE | Status : Active | Location :United States

Player Scouting Report

Players Scouting Reviewer : myles.whitmore . Position :Defensive End [DE]

Power Moves
It is a mistake to have OT go one on one vs. Demarcus Lawrence because he has the strength necessary to push them back and get pressure on the QB.
Finesse Moves
Lawrence's finesse moves are what gives him the ability to shed blocks and terrorize QBs in the backfield. He is able to do spin and swim moves to freeze OL and get separation, even from double teams.
When Lawrence turns on the jets, he is extremely difficult to contain on the edge.
Block Shedding
Uses swim moves and spin moves to effectively push off tackles and TEs and find a lane to the QB.
Demarcus Lawrence's Achilles heel is his tackling form. He often attempts to only arm tackle RBs or tries to tackle them too high, and as a result, misses a lot of tackles in the run game.
Lawrence goes for the ball, sack, and fumble whenever he rushes the QB.
Demarcus has the motor necessary to get spin or swim past double teams and get in the face of opposing QBs.
Has average speed for a defensive end.
Demarcus Lawrence has had to undergo three off-season surgeries in the past four years for back and shoulder injuries. He also missed 8 games his rookie year with a broken foot.
Lawrence has average height and weight for an NFL defensive end.
In 2016 Lawrence was suspended four games for failing the NFL's substance abuse policy but hasn't had a repeat of this issue or been arrested for anything egregious.
Lawrence's finesse and power move techniques are sound, but he could work on his tackling form in order to mitigate missed tackles. He also needs to work on his footwork so that he doesn't fall down as much when rushing the passer.
Lawrence has the IQ, tenacity, and toughness required to fend off double teams and pressure the QB successfully.
Lawrence is a consistent pass rusher who constantly terrorizes offensive lines and pressures the QB.
Demarcus Lawrence is one of the most elite pass rushers in the NFL. His combination of a high motor and finesse/power moves enable him to split double teams and gain separation from offensive linemen. Once Lawrence gains separation from an OL, he has the pursuit skills and acceleration necessary to get pressure on the quarterback and disrupt the pass or cause a big play.
Lawrence is good at getting in the backfield but has trouble getting tackles once he gets past the OL. His missed tackles are why he is not among the most effective run defenders in the NFL. If the Demarcus Lawrence is going to be successful for the Cowboys next season, he is going to need to become more polished and a technically sound tackler. Also, his injury history is a potential issue for the Cowboys because he has had to undergo four surgeries throughout his five-year career.
Overall Analysis
This off-season, the Cowboys invested a lot in Demarcus Lawrence by giving him a 5 year, $105 million contract. When healthy, Demarcus Lawrence is worth the money because of his ability to decimate offensive lines and be consistently disruptive in the backfield. In fact, most teams have to have their OT/TEs hold or double team Lawrence in order to prevent him from sacking their QB. However, Lawrence a tendency to miss tackles on running backs and will need to improve his tackling technique if he is going to be successful with his contain responsibilities as a defensive end. Although, more than anything else, Demarcus Lawrence will need to do a better job at staying healthy so that he can continue to accumulate sacks for the Dallas Cowboys.
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