My Scouting Report for David Long

David Long

Team : Los Angeles Rams | Sports : Football | Position : CB | Status : Active | Location :United States

Player Scouting Report

Players Scouting Reviewer : mrossi78 . Position :Cornerback [CB]

4.45 in 40 yard dash
Rarely allows a clean release, clean jams, great balance, strength and footwork in press. Majority of Michigan's scheme relied on press coverage.
Top performer at this year's NFL Combine in both the 3-cone drill (6.45 seconds) and 20 yard shuttle (3.97 seconds) at ANY position.
Has the "long speed" and change of direction to recover. If he loses a step on an in-breaking route he is back on the receivers hip almost immediately.Hard to evaluate because he was rarely beaten off the line. Chased runs down from behind on a few occasions. Decent but not great burst.
Play Recognition
Excels at reading the receiver in man coverage. Did not have to read the Quarterback in zone coverage often. Can sometimes be slow to recognize runs due to Michigan's press-man coverage scheme.
On rare occasions where he allowed a catch, he was there to make the tackle. Won't make huge hits but he is willing to step up and stick his nose in. Wraps up and won't let go. Sometimes looks slow to get up after making a hit. Not a lot of tape in this area.
Man Coverage
Speed and agility to mirror recievers all over the field. He's always there in the recievers face or running on his hip. Excellent physicality, competitiveness, and technique. Only allowed receptions on 30% of passes thrown his way which led the country. Only 18 catches allowed in his college career. Got away with some grabbing that will get called in the NFL. Not sure how he will do in off-man because he hasn't done it.
Zone Coverage
2 out of his 3 career interceptions were out of zone coverage. This is a big question mark because he wasn't asked to play zone at Michigan.
Only had 3 career interceptions. Had 17 career passes defensed vs. only 18 completions allowed. Had opportunities for more INTs but would keep one hand on the reciever and bat the ball away with the other. Shorter arms are a concern in this area because an inch or two can be the difference between a batted ball and an interception. Would like to see him be a little more aggressive when he has the opportunity for a pick.
Played in all 13 games in both years as a starting corner. Size is a durability concern but added good weight last year. Sometimes slow to get up after collision tackles.
No character concerns. Took the 1 on 1 challenge every week. Team first guy, will not be an issue in any locker room.
Preparation and evaluation was praised by defensive coordinator as his standout feature. Student of the game.
Consistent in his play, his preparation, and played in every game in his 2 years as a starter.
Press, man coverage, physicality and competitiveness, speed and agility, intangibles. Can be trusted on an island. Was graded as the top coverage cornerback in the country by Pro Football Focus. Showed ability to play within a scheme and dominate in his role.
Slightly undersized. Turnover production was lacking. Didn't play much zone or off-man coverage. Will grab a receiver's jersey at times. Concerns about how well he will be able to cover bigger receivers. Might need to be in the right scheme to pan out. Was not always matched up on opponents #1 target due to game planning.
Overall Analysis
Long is grossly underrated because he isn't flashy. He didn't produce big time stats but that's because opposing quarterbacks rarely had a chance to throw at him because he was blanketing their receiver. He is a tough kid who loves the challenge of going 1-on-1, and he almost always wins. Size concerns and scheme versatility are the major arguments for projecting him to the middle rounds. The team that drafts Long may have to develop his zone and off-man coverage skills before he is ready for an every down role, but he is ready to man up right now. If he does take time to develop in these areas, he can be used right away on special teams as a gunner, or the guy tasked with blocker the opponents gunner. Overall, I think Long outperforms his draft position and becomes one of the better man coverage corners in the league early on in his career.
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Kendall Fuller
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