My Scouting Report for Dante Fowler Jr.

Dante Fowler Jr.

Team : Los Angeles Rams | Sports : Football | Position : DE | Status : Active | Location :United States

Player Scouting Report

Players Scouting Reviewer : myles.whitmore . Position :Defensive End [DE]

Power Moves
Fowler doesn't possess the strength necessary to consistently push offensive linemen back on a bull or speed rush.
Finesse Moves
Fowler can gain some separation on spin and swim moves because of his acceleration and speed but isn't continuously reliable in this area.
Fowler's acceleration helps him beat defenders on the edge and gain an angle to be disruptive in the passing and running game.
Block Shedding
Fowler is good at shedding blocks when going against unathletic, slower OL, but can't use his strength to push or rip away from them.
Not a consistent tackler, and misses too many blocks and sacks because of his poor form and arm tackling tendency.
Fowler is very disruptive in the passing and running game because of his never-ending ambition to get to the ball carrier and force a fumble.
Fowler can gain a lot of pressures on the quarterback because of his high motor in the pass rush game.
Speed is one of his best qualities because it helps him exploit mismatches against slower tackles and quickly get to the quarterback once he's off the block.
Fowler suffered an ACL tear his rookie season and has suffered additional shoulder and upper injuries throughout his career.
Fowler has adequate height and weight for an edge rusher at 6'3", 267 lbs.
Dante Folwer Jr. has been arrested for battery and mischief after breaking a man's glasses and throwing his groceries in a lake during an altercation. In addition, he has shown bad judgment by engaging in additional fights during practice and receiving ten traffic tickets.
Needs to work on his power move and tackling technique if he is ever going to be a reliable edge rusher in the NFL. He usually only relies on his quickness, agility, and speed to get to passer but doesn't have the technique to finish the play.
Fowler has the toughness and effort needed to be successful in the NFL but needs to work on being more coachable and technically sound if he is going to take the next step.
Has lapses and patches where he is ineffective as an edge rusher, especially in the running game. However, he showed progress as he became more comfortable in the Rams' scheme.
Dante Fowler's best traits pertain to his speed, agility, and acceleration because they help him perform proper finesse moves. When facing slower blockers, Fowler can beat them around the edge and be continually disruptive in the backfield due to his never-ending motor.
While speed is one of Fowler's best attributes, strength and power are his weaknesses. Fowler doesn't possess the lower/upper body strength necessary to push defenders back with a bull or speed rush. Furthermore, Fowler doesn't have the technique required to be a consistent tackler in the backfield. While Fowler is tenacious and often present in the backfield, he isn't always effective at accumulating sacks or keeping contain because of his inability to sack or tackle the QB/RB. Another area of concern for Fowler is his durability, as he has suffered a multitude of injuries throughout his career.
Overall Analysis
Dante Fowler has the potential to be a great pass rusher who could resurrect his career due to his speed and quickness. While Fowler was inconsistent throughout 2018, he saw relative progress throughout the end of regular and post-season and could build upon that progress during this off-season with defensive coordinator, Wade Phillips. However, if Fowler is going to be more successful, he is going to need to get stronger during training camp, and the pre-season, and work on refining his power move and tackling techniques. Additionally, he is going to need to make sure that he doesn't have any more off-season issues, such as fighting or dramatic family issues.
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Montez Sweat
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