My Scouting Report for D.K. Metcalf

D.K. Metcalf

Team : Seattle Seahawks | Sports : Football | Position : WR | Status : Active | Location :United States

Player Scouting Report

Players Scouting Reviewer : myles.whitmore . Position :Wide Receiver [WR]

D.K. Metcalf has blazing 4.33 speed and had an impressive track tryout this summer. His speed usually makes up for bad footwork when he is running routes.
Pass Catching
D.K. Metcalf is a decent pass catcher who excels downfield, across the middle, and in contested catch situations. However, he tends to let easy passes slip through his hands.
Route Running
D.K. is currently a poor route runner. Metcalf needs to mitigate inefficient footwork and work on staying on the stem of his route. He has a quick release on the bright side and does a good job attacking his opponent's outside shoulder before changing directions. This method allows him to shake DB's like Darius Slay. However, he tends to shove DBs too much, which will eventually lead to PI calls.
Metcalf is a physical WR who uses his strength to outmuscle cornerbacks like Darius Slay. His strength also allows him to shred press coverage and successfully block LBs.
Vertical Ability
D.K. Metcalf excels 10+ yards downfield. This area is where he is most dangerous due to his blazing speed and contested-catch ability.
Run after Catch
Metcalf is an above-average wideout after the catch due to his athleticism, speed, and strength. However, he usually gets tackled immediately since he is a contested-catch WR who usually has defenders draped over him after securing a reception.
Catching in Traffic
D.K. is a threat to moss any defensive back; ask Darius Slay. His insane height and catch radius make it difficult for smaller DBs to cover him.
Big Play Ability
Metcalf is a considerable threat to pull off big-time plays. If he becomes a more consistent weapon, this rating will surely rise.
Metcalf suffered neck and foot fractures while playing for Ole Miss.
Metcalf is one of the toughest WRs in the NFL. He likes to shove DBs with his forearms, fight for extra yards, and complete contested catches.
Metcalf has had 1,100+ yards, 65+ catches, and 8+ TDs in each of his two seasons. This is elite production that bodes well for his young career.
No significant red flags.
Deep Threat
He is a deep threat on any fly or post route.
Over the Middle
D.K. Metcalf is a quality WR on dig, post, and crossing routes. However, he tends to drop slants too often.
Metcalf is a tough and hardworking WR who has proved his haters wrong and improved each year. However, he still needs to enhance his route running acumen and overall football awareness.
D.K. Metcalf is a tremendous young WR who uses his athleticism and physicality to harass opposing defenses. This explosiveness is most apparent 20+ yards downfield, where he excels at outmuscling opposing cornerbacks to complete contested catches. Moreover, he has a blazing 4.33 speed that allows him to burn DBs that cannot match his acceleration. Plus, Metcalf is a threat on post, dig, and crossing routes.
D.K. Metcalf is surprisingly good for a WR with below-average route-running skills. While Metcalf is good at attacking a DB's outside shoulder before changing directions, he needs to stay flat on his routes refrain from breaking from the stem of his route. He also slouches in his pre-snap stance and displays inefficient footwork too much. Another area of concern for Metcalf is concentration drops, which occur too often when he is wide open.
Overall Analysis
In just two seasons, D.K. Metcalf is already a phenom wide receiver. His speed, athleticism, and physical attributes will eventually make him an elite possession receiver with the playmaking ability to dominate opposing defenses. Currently, he is still raw, needs to refine his route-running skills, and enhance his football awareness. Nevertheless, he is one of the most productive wideouts in the NFL and already one of Russell Wilson's favorite targets, which bodes well for his future success. Metcalf is a versatile wideout who dominates in the slot, the outside, and can do well as a blocker.
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