My Scouting Report for D Eriq King

D'Eriq King

Team : Houston Cougars (FB) | Sports : Football | Position : QB | Status : Active | Location :United States

Player Scouting Report

Players Scouting Reviewer : myles.whitmore . Position :Quarterback [QB]

Arm Strength/Power
D'Eriq King lacks consistent arm strength and velocity. Against defenses like Clemson, he threw many horrendous underthrows on deep passes and jump-balls. His bizarre misfires are extremely infuriating, especially when he throws outside the numbers.
Short Accuracy (1-10 yds)
D'Eriq King excels on short passes due to his ability to quickly go through his progressions.
Imtermediate Accuracy (10-20 yds)
D'Eriq King is incredibly accurate at the intermediate level of the field. Due to his mobility and excellent vision. King regularly improvises and hits the open receiver. This attribute makes him extremely productive on late downs with 10+ yards to go.
Long Accuracy (20+ yds)
D'Eriq King is an inconsistent deep passer. Throughout 2020, King struggled to hit open receivers 20+ yards downfield. Additionally, he lacks the touch to thread the needle against tight coverage.
Pocket Presence
King is a poised passer who moves well in the pocket due to his elusiveness. He performs well against blitzes and keeps his eyes downfield. However, his struggles against Clemson's aggressive scheme are troubling.
King throws well on the run after escaping from defensive linemen. He keeps his eyes downfield and knows when to scramble for rushing yards.
D'Eriq King is a decisive passer who throws with great anticipation. However, many of King's throws were schemed by Miami's offense, so there are still questions about his vision. For instance, he needs to improve his ability to move defenses with his eyes.
D'Eriq King's throwing motion is eerily similar to Tua Tagovailoa's. King has a snappy and quick release but sometimes throws with an awkward hitch. His lower body mechanics are solid.
D'Eriq King has suffered devasting ACL and meniscus tears throughout his time at the University of Miami and Houston.
D'Eriq King is a great leader who is tough and competitive. He is beloved by his teammates and coaches.
Game Management
King is an above-average game manager due to his high football IQ and effectiveness on third-down. As a dual-threat QB, King's versatility makes him a threat with his arm and legs.
D'Eriq King is a smart QB who made good decisions against standard NCAAF defenses. However, his struggle against Clemson shows that he needs to improve at reading complex defenses.
D'Eriq King is a short QB with a small frame. This lack of size is probably why he lacks arm strength.
King is a speedy QB with the wheels necessary to evade defenders in open space. His 4.45 speed is faster than many skill-position players. This speed, coupled with his field vision, makes him an effective rusher capable of highlight-reel runs.
Play-Making Ability
D'Eriq King is a terrific playmaker due to his mobility. His highlight reel runs, and big-time throws were incredible against Louisville and FSU.
Despite suffering extensive injuries, D'Eriq King has been productive. His statistics peaked in 2018, but he still had an impressive 2020 season.
D'Eriq King is an incredible playmaker with a high football IQ. His leadership and poise make him a terrific passer who can go through his professions in the pocket and on the run.
No red flags.
D'Eriq King is an inconsistent QB due to his lack of arm strength and errant misfires. He also struggles against complex defenses.
D'Eriq King is a great dual-threat QB with excellent poise and football IQ. Due to his versatility, King is extremely effective on late downs since he can beat defenders on the ground or through the air. Unlike other mobile QBs, King is a poised and disciplined passer who can stay in the pocket under duress while going through his progressions. His vision makes him especially deadly on intermediate passes. Plus, he is a playmaker who pulls off highlight-reel runs and big-time throws.
D'Eriq King's durability and size are significant red flags. His ACL and meniscus tears are devastating since he is a mobile QB who relies on his speed and elusiveness. Additionally, he is a short QB who lacks the arm strength to throw downfield or outside the numbers. His weak arm and inaccuracy make him an inconsistent passer who especially struggles against complex defenses like Clemson.
Overall Analysis
D'Eriq King has tons of talent. His rushing ability and elusiveness on the run make him a truly remarkable playmaker who could transition to slot WR. While he should probably stay at QB, he still needs to develop as a quarterback who can read complicated defenses and go beyond his first read. As of right now, he is a top five college QB but needs to improve his accuracy and consistency, especially going beyond 20+ yards.
Compares to
Quinton Flowers with less arm strength
Untapped potential
peak potential
post peak