My Scouting Report for D Andre Swift

D'Andre Swift

Team : Detroit Lions | Sports : Football | Position : RB | Status : Active | Location :United States

Player Scouting Report

Players Scouting Reviewer : myles.whitmore . Position :Running Back [RB]

Swift has enough fantastic speed necessary to beat defenders to the outside.
Swift is a fluid route runner who performs finesse moves well. He can wiggle through small holes and emerge to the second-level frequently.
Run Power
He is an underrated running back in short-yardage situations. His ability to locate holes help him move the chains better than the average back.
D'Andre is a terrific finesse back who shakes defenders in space. He is great at using juke and spin moves to get to the next level regularly.
Pass Catching
Swift is one of the best receiving backs in this draft class. He only had three drops throughout his college career, but refrained from having any last year.
Swift has impeccable vision, awareness, and patience.
Running in Traffic
He isn't the biggest bruisers in this draft class, and he sometimes struggles to beat arm tackles within the inside run game.
Swift suffered from shoulder, toe, ankle and groin injuries throughout his career.
He has the adequate strength necessary to be a decent three-down RB.
He has a prototypical NFL size.
He was a productive and efficient back in both the rushing and receiving game.
Swift has great blocking recognition and technique.
Swift has great instincts, awareness, IQ, elusiveness, and toughness.
He is a tenacious runner, who will fight for extra yards until the whistle blows. He isn't a bruiser, but he is extremely tough for a finesse back.
No character issues.
Swift is one of the most consistently efficient running backs.
Big Play Ability
He has enough elusiveness and speed to create big runs when his OL provides him enough space.
D’Andre Swift is one of the most elusive running backs in football. His combination of speed and quickness makes him brush past defenders to the outside fairly consistently. His elusiveness is so nice that D’Andre can instantly perform a spin or juke move when he sees a defender at the line of scrimmage to stun them. Within the inside run game, Swift projects to be a stellar RB. In fact, he is one of the most effective one-cut running backs at the college level. Also, Swift’s vision and patience are incredible and draw parallels to Le’Veon Bell. As a receiver, Swift has the footwork and agility necessary to make quality cuts and run fluidly throughout routes. Furthermore, Swift has great hands and didn’t drop a single pass, which will serve him well at the next level. One of the most underrated traits about Swift is his pass blocking ability. When he was assigned to protect Jake Fromm on passing plays, Swift constantly scanned the backfield to find any potential blockers. Consequently, he did a good job of keeping those defenders from getting past his chop or regular blocks because of his technique and wide base.
One area where Swift desperately needs to improve is ball security. Despite receiving a relatively moderate number of touches, he struggled to hold onto the ball at times. At the NFL level, linebackers and defensive backs will look to punch the ball out of his hands unless he holds the ball tighter to his chest and forearm. As it pertains to inside run plays, Swift has adequate strength but struggles to be productive if there are a significant number of defenders in the box. Swift’s inside run game is especially underwhelming considering that he struggles to fend off arm tackles.
Overall Analysis
D'Andre Swift is one of the elite running backs in this draft class. He will be a terrific starter at the next level because of his elusiveness. D’Andre Swift’s talents would be best suited on a team where he can start immediately like the Buccaneers or Dolphins. If D’Andre Swift were on one of these teams, he would take over on the first day and be able to excel on outside runs, the receiving game, and blocking assignments. Swift's playing style is similar to Alvin Kamara. Swift will be able to lineup at receiver on certain plays or catch screen passes in the backfield and get separation on a consistent basis. He should be a late first-round pick in this year's draft, but if not, he won't fall below the early second round.
Compares to
Alvin Kamara
Untapped potential
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