My Scouting Report for Colby Parkinson

Colby Parkinson

Team : Stanford Cardinal (FB) | Sports : Football | Position : TE | Status : Active | Location :United States

Player Scouting Report

Players Scouting Reviewer : myles.whitmore . Position :Tight End [TE]

Parkinson runs a 4.86 40-yard dash and is very slow when running fly routes. Parkinson is also very slow when trying to make cuts on routes
Pass Catching
Parkinson only had two drops on the year and is a sure-handed tight end who makes incredible catches in traffic. Parkinson has a huge catch radius that makes it nearly impossible for DBs to force an incompletion.
Route Running
Parkinson does a good job of sealing off small defenders on corner routes and putting himself in position for jump balls. This makes exceptionally effective in the red zone. Colby However, he struggles to get separation against physical DBs and is often pushed towards the sideline on fly routes. He also needs to work on his agility and elusiveness in between breaks. Parkinson also needs to work on running lower on routes.
Colby desperately needs to bulk up, so that doesn't get pushed towards the sidelines and be able to shred press coverage. If Parkinson bulks up, he'll be used more in the run and pass blocking games.
Run Blocking
Parkinson isn't utilized much in the run blocking game, due to his lack of strength. However, when he is run blocking, he has trouble bending his knees and lowering his pad level. Although, when he uses proper technique, he can move defenders back out of their assigned gaps.
Parkinson lacks the agility or elusiveness to gain significant separation when running routes consistently.
Run After Catch
Parkinson isn't a threat to gain many YAC unless a defender trips or falls in coverage.
Big Play Ability
Colby is a significant threat for a big play in the red zone and jump ball situations because of his insane catch radius and height. It's incredibly unfair for safeties and even some LBs to have to cover Parkinson in one on one man-coverage situations. However, Parkinson would be an even bigger big-play threat if he became more agile or elusive.
Parkinson doesn't have any significant injury history.
The stats don't show it, but Colby Parkinson was fairly productive last year as a sophomore, especially in the red zone. Last year, Stanford had a crowded group of upperclassmen WRs and TEs, who absorbed a lot of targets. Nonetheless, Parkinson was able to assert himself as a reliable jump-ball target, which is impressive.
Parkinson is known as an emerging leader in the Stanford locker room and a hard worker. He has no legal issues nor problems with teammates.
Parkinson exhibits excellent chemistry with quarterback KJ Costello and has a great work ethic.
Parkinson's season was very inconsistent throughout last season but saw improvement and an uptick in production as the season progressed.
Parkinson is a tremendous talent in jump ball and red zone situations due to his height and insane catch radius. The rising junior tight end has excellent hands and can complete catches in traffic. It is almost unfair to have Parkinson go against a defender one on one in man coverage because he is usually 6-9 inches taller than the man covering him. He also has great timing and chemistry with his quarterback, KJ Costello, which allows him to be a threat for big plays.
One area of improvement for Parkinson is his upper-body strength. Parkinson's power is a liability because he is unable to shred press coverage, break tackles, or be an effective blocker. Also, he needs to work on his strength and agility so that cornerbacks and safeties aren't as likely to push him towards the sideline.
Overall Analysis
Colby Parkinson is a great receiving tight end for the Stanford Cardinal, who has the potential to be highly coveted in next years draft. Some draft analysts already have Parkinson listed as a top-five tight end in the NCAA because of his skill going up for the football. However, if he is going to be a high round pick, Parkinson is going to have to become a better blocker in David Shaw's system. Last season, Kaden Smith and Scooter Harrington did the vast majority of both run and pass blocking for the Stanford tight end department. With Kaden Smith gone, Parkinson is going to have to join Harrington as a reliable TE blocker or convert to a wide receiver, where he lined up at for an abundance of snaps last season. Although, if Parkinson bulks up in the weight room, he should have a monster year next season and dominate in both the run blocking and receiving games.
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