My Scouting Report for Christian Pulisic

Christian Pulisic

Borussia Dortmund |USA Men's National Team
United States

Player Scouting Report

Players Scouting Reviewer : Jon_Arouca . Position :Midfielder [MF]

Pulisic is lightning quick. He's got fantastic pace and combine that with his dribbling, it's very easy for him to beat opposition fullbacks. His overall sprint speed is very deadly on counter-attacks for Borussia Dortmund.
He's got excellent dribbling ability. He's averaging 2.4 successful dribbles per game in the Bundesliga this season according to Sofascore. His great close control dribbling along with his blistering pace means it's very easy for him to beat his markers on the wing.
Playmaking Ability
Pulisic can also play the #10 role but he's not that creative for it. You get the best out of him by playing him on the wing instead. Although he's no creative specialist, his playmaking ability is still decent enough where he attempts to find teammates in between the lines.
Pulisic's passing ability is pretty good for a winger. He knows when to play a give and go and can link up nicely with the striker and midfielders. He often looks to play the ball in behind for his teammates, but he can also play short in order to build possession. He's also got an eye for a through ball to overlapping fullbacks or to a striker who's running in behind.
His balance is decent for a player his size. He uses his low center of gravity to keep the ball close to him when dribbling. The downside of his small frame though is he's not that strong and is easily pushed off the ball by bigger, and stronger opponents.
Aerial Play
Since he's only 5'6'' and has a small body frame he doesn't win many aerial duels. He tends to avoid aerial duels at times but when he needs to he'll challenge for the ball in the air.
Field Vision
He's got quite good field vision for such a young winger. He reads the game well and often looks to find teammates who make runs in behind.
Pulisic is great at knowing where to be at the right time. He's got a decent understanding with his teammates, so when he drifts centrally to play as a #10 someone will cover the right wing. He also knows when to drift inside so the fullback can overlap him.
Pulisic isn't an aggressive player at all. He rarely commits fouls, and he only averages 1 yellow card a season in the Bundesliga according to Sofascore.
For a winger, he's got a decent shooting ability. He scores a lot of his goals by cutting inside and then shooting. He also is great at reading space in order to receive cut-backs so he can finish. So far in his 3 professional seasons, he's accumulated 27 goals for both club and country. Keep in mind he's still only 20 years old and he has a lot of time to improve his finishing so he can become more consistent.
Defensive Ability
He's not the greatest at tracking back since he's best in the final 3rd of the pitch roaming around from the wing to the center. When Dortmund decide to play a more compact game he usually ends up sitting on the bench so a more defensive option can cover the wing.
He's got decent stamina for a youngster. He plays between 20-35 games a season. He doesn't always last the 90 minutes but that could be because of the competition for his position at Dortmund.
Wow Factor
Pulisic is a promising winger who has the quality to become one of the best ever players for the USA. It's all this hype behind him that makes him a wow factor for USMNT fans.
His sprint speed, acceleration, and his dribbling ability.
His physical strength, aerial duels, and defensive contribution.
Overall Analysis
Pulisic is a very talented youngster who is very quick and has excellent dribbling skills. He needs to improve on his finishing by making it more consistent but he has time to do that since he's still only 20 years old. He bets performances tend to come in end-to-end open games where he has acres of space to attack. This is why his upcoming transfer to Chelsea in the summer of 2019 can be very good for him since the Premier League tends to have more open end-to-end games than the Bundesliga.
Compares to
Jadon Sancho, Jose Callejon, Ousmane Dembele
Untapped potential
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