My Scouting Report for Chris Olave

Chris Olave

Team : Ohio St. Buckeyes (FB) | Sports : Football | Position : WR | Status : Active | Location :United States

Player Scouting Report

Players Scouting Reviewer : myles.whitmore . Position :Wide Receiver [WR]

Chris Olave can burn DBs with straight-line speed, and he is projected to run a 4.4-second 40-yard dash.
Pass Catching
Chris Olave is a reliable pass catcher who only recorded four drops throughout his college career. He is great at using his long wingspan to haul in impressive catches. However, he catches too many passes with his body and isn't the most aggressive receiver in a jump ball situation.
Route Running
Chris Olave fits the Ohio State mold of being a route running technician. Olave has fancy footwork with crisp cuts, proper hesitation, and choppy feet. He also does a great job selling his routes, performing double moves, and working across the middle.
Despite his thin frame, Olave is a strong receiver who gains inside leverage against press coverage with ease. He is also a great blocker who can drive back cornerbacks on the outside.
Vertical Ability
Chris Olave has the agility and straight-line speed necessary to make plays in the intermediate and deep levels. His stellar route running on double moves will present him with many opportunities to burn DBs on the outside.
Run after Catch
Chris Olave is not a threat to make a defender miss in space despite his agile footwork. While his ability to create separation will give him opportunities to pick up YAC, he isn't going to shake a defender with a juke or hurdle. He can outrun DBs but won't be a physical threat who breaks tackles or play through contact.
Catching in Traffic
Due to his impeccable concentration skills and long wingspan, Chris Olave is an above-average contested catcher. However, he isn't an aggressive pass catcher who will win against tons of contact.
Big Play Ability
Chris Olave is an above-average big-play threat due to his agile route running. He can force significant separation and burn DBs on double moves.
Chris Olave suffered a concussion vs. Nebraska.
While Olave is great at shedding press coverage and run blocking, he isn't a physical WR who dominates contested-catch situations. He also struggles to break tackles or fight through contact for extra yards.
Chris Olave was a reliable wideout for the Buckeyes the past two seasons by putting up 700+ receiving yards in back-to-back seasons.
Chris Olave doesn't have any red flags. He also took responsibility for the game-ending INT against Clemson in 2019.
Deep Threat
Olave will be a wonderful deep-threat in the NFL due to his straight-line speed and ability to create separation with agile footwork.
Over the Middle
Chris Olave excels at working across the field on slant and crossing routes. He regularly finds open holes in zone coverage and does a great job selling on his route stems before performing a crisp cut.
Chris Olave's awareness of first down sticks, coachability, and recognition of boundary lines make him one of the smartest receivers in this draft class.
Chris Olave is one of the most consistent, if not the most consistent, prospects in this draft class. Last season he hauled in 5+ receptions and 60+ yards in every game he played.
Chris Olave is a pure route runner whose ability to create separation will easily transition to the NFL. He does a great job selling routes, performing crisp cuts, and executing elusive double moves. Therefore he will be deadly on comebacks, slants, and stop-and-go routes. He also has the straight-line speed to beat DBs, skill to shed press coverage, and awareness to find holes in zone coverage. Olave's biggest strength is his consistency because he is one of the most consistently productive prospects in this draft class. Last season Olave hauled in 5+ receptions and 60+ yards in every game he played.
Many of Chris Olave's cons are minor. For instance, Olave tends to catch passes with his body rather than cleanly catching passes with his hands. However, he only recorded four drops while at OSU, which indicates that this shouldn't be a huge issue. Another issue for Olave is his lack of elusiveness after the catch because he rarely performs juke moves, hurdles. While he can beat a defender with an explosive speed, he isn't a physical WR who breaks tackles and fights for extra yardage. Speaking of physicality, Olave also lacks the aggressive ball skills to fight through traffic to haul contested catches. Nevertheless, his ability to create significant separation significantly mitigates this issue.
Overall Analysis
Chris Olave will be a refined Z receiver at the next level. His ability to move the chains with stellar route running will make be a godsend for QBs in the NFL. Run-heavy teams can also rely on Olave to set the edge with a quality block at the second level. Due to his consistency and skill-set, he will be a great WR to target in the second round of the 2021 draft. Furthermore, his ability to create separation and reliable pass-catching will give him tons of opportunities to make an immediate impact.
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Mix of Terry McLaurin and Amari Cooper
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