My Scouting Report for Chatarius Atwell

Chatarius Atwell

Team : Louisville Cardinals (FB) | Sports : Football | Position : WR | Status : Active | Location :United States

Player Scouting Report

Players Scouting Reviewer : mgomes429 . Position :Wide Receiver [WR]

He is very fast and is most likely a 4.4 receiver although I don't think he has the best long speed. He accelerates very quickly.
Pass Catching
He prefers to catch the football with his body but it is very natural and easy to catch the deep ball. He tracks the deep ball well and transitions to full speed with relative ease.
Route Running
Not a very extensive route tree from the few amount of plays that I watched. He needs space to operate and relies too heavily on his elite quickness to get open rather than being more technical with his routes.
He works better in space and due to the limitations of his size he will not out physical anyone. He needs to get significantly stronger to become a steady contributor at the pro level.
Vertical Ability
It is very impressive not because his long speed is the best but rather the acceleration after catch. He gets to second gear extremely fast and creates a lot of separation making it hard for defenders to catch up.
Run after Catch
He accelerates after catch extremely fast but if he gets hit just slightly he can be put off course. His quickness though is elite and will be a very useful trait at the next level.
Catching in Traffic
I did not see any catches in traffic from him, but considering his size and that most of his big plays come when he has an open field, this is most likely not a strength of his game.
Big Play Ability
He has got the quickness and acceleration to be very dangerous in space. He won't be the most physical presence but he does make you miss.
He had a scary moment in 2019 against Clemson when he crashed into a table head first but was fine after a few play out.
He is not the biggest receiver and will try to avoid contact. Although given his lack of size he still has to go out there against men much bigger than him.
2019 he was very productive with 70 REC's for 1,276 yards and 12 TD's, and currently, he has 40 REC's for 528 yards and 5 TD's in 2020.
I can not judge this as I have not met with him personally.
Deep Threat
He does get open deep and it is one of his strengths but his long speed can be in issue at times.
Over the Middle
When he has space he can be dangerous but in tighter coverage, he can struggle to come up with the catch in press coverage and a good hit will cause him to lose the ball.
He is most likely limited to the slot and will be utilized as a gadget receiver.
He has been fairly productive this past year in a half. He is their most explosive playmaker on that Louisville team.
He has elite quickness. he can accelerate and create massive space on his route cuts. He can transition from deep ball catching to running very smoothly and this allows him to maintain speed.
He is very small at a mere 5'9 155 and that can be a concern at the next level. He is also not a precise route runner and has a limited route tree. he is too over-reliant on his quickness and speed. Also to my surprise, his long speed is not the best. He has got short strides and can be caught from behind if enough separation was not created on his route.
Overall Analysis
I think he has got the potential to be a dangerous weapon in certain schemes that involve a lot of spacing throughout the offense because of his elite quickness. Quick slants, Out Routes, and other routes that involve spacial use. But in other cases such as more precise curl routes, he can get out physicaled for the football given his lack of size at 5'9 155. Expect him to be utilized early on as a returner and to work mainly through the slot in certain offensive packages. Projection: Mid to Late 6th Round
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Jalen Saunders
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