My Scouting Report for Chase Young

Chase Young

Team : Ohio St. Buckeyes (FB) | Sports : Football | Position : DE | Status : Active | Location :United States

Player Scouting Report

Players Scouting Reviewer : myles.whitmore . Position :Defensive End [DE]

Power Moves
Chase is able to use his strength to push offensive lineman backward consistently, especially on passing plays.
Finesse Moves
Chase has the quickness and power necessary to constantly rip away from offensive linemen.
He has a great 3 cone drill compared to the average defensive lineman. However, his acceleration and momentum throughout a play would greatly improve if he worked on his pad level. gain momentum while he's running.
Block Shedding
Chase Young frequently rips away from blocks and is able to use his combination of quickness and brute strength to even beat double teams. Sometimes he doesn't even have to use a move, he just gets away from the block.
Young is usually able to bring down quarterbacks and running backs with arm tackles and excels at stopping their momentum. However, his pad level is often too high, so he sometimes grabs players too high and they're able to rip away (i.e. Trevor Lawrence).
Young's effort noticeably decreases when the play isn't going his way, or he's not that close to where a play is occurring.
Young is one of the most tenacious defensive linemen you will ever find. He will not give up or stop when he is pass rushing.
Runs a pretty good 40 yard dash time for an edge rusher.
Played through ankle injuries during the 2018-2019 season.
Young has the optimal height and weight of a star edge rusher.
No red flags.
His finesse and power moves are sound but he needs to do a better job staying disciplined when tackling. He often grabs high and thus has trouble bringing down quarterbacks.
Young has a great football IQ, especially on running plays because he remains disciplined. As a result, he is able to keep contain on running plays. He also perfectly times snaps and uses a quick first step to stun an OL.
Every play you are going to get a high motor from Chase Young. He is always going to be tenacious and make sure he uses his strength to bulldoze through linemen.
Chase Young has been touted as one of the best pass-rushing prospects of this decade. His ability to time when the center will snap the ball is exceptional. As a result of his timing, he is remarkably quicker than the majority of the linemen he lines up against and is able to brush past them on the edge with finesse moves. Even when an OL perfectly times a snap, Young has way more tenacity for them to block him. In fact, his motor is so incredible that he knocks past offensive tackles and even some double teams in order to get to the quarterback. Young doesn't always have to use a finesse or power move when he's on the edge because his combination of strength and quickness allows him to just run past OL. Consequently, he repeatedly sheds blocks and runs toward his target. On run plays, Young showcases his high football IQ by remaining disciplined and keeping contain. The best attribute about Young is the fact that he is consistently a pain for offensive linemen, quarterbacks, and coordinators.
Even though Young is a tremendous edge rusher, he still has areas where he needs to improve. For instance, Young's pad level is often too low when he engages in power moves. If Young gets his pad level lower, then he'll have more acceleration, and push OL back further with power moves. Speaking of technique, Young also needs to refine his tackling technique because he often grabs players too high. As a result, he has a slight tendency to not fully grasp quarterbacks, like Trevor Lawrence, who are able to shrug him off occasionally. Another area for Young to improve is his pursuit because he shows noticeably less effort if the play isn't directly near him.
Overall Analysis
Chase Young is definitely the second most valuable prospect in the 2020 NFL draft. His ability to rush the quarterback is exceptional because of his combination of speed and strength. In fact, Young has the ability to even beat double team blocks because of his high motor and tenacity. When it comes to physical attributes, Chase has the ideal size of a star edge rusher, along with the IQ to be able to keep contain on run plays. Although, a defensive coordinator will need to work with Young in order to refine his tackling and power move techniques because his pad level is frequently too high. Nevertheless, he is consistently in the backfield on every single play and able to harass OL and sending pressure to opposing QBs.
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Myles Garrett
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