My Scouting Report for Chandler Jones

Chandler Jones

Team : Arizona Cardinals | Sports : Football | Position : DE | Status : Active | Location :United States

Player Scouting Report

Players Scouting Reviewer : myles.whitmore . Position :Defensive End [DE]

Power Moves
Jones mainly uses a bull rush or a speed rush to jab the offensive linemen at the line of scrimmage. His quick first step and power help him push an OL back towards the quarterback. However, against elite OL, and bigger tackles, Jones often only gets an initial push.
Finesse Moves
While Jones possesses an impressive arsenal of power moves, he is often more successful with finesse moves. His freakish wingspan enables him to move OL around like rag dolls and perform swim and rip moves well. As a result, he is consistently able to be disruptive in the ground game.
Chandler's acceleration freezes and stuns OL at the LOS, especially when he is performing swim or spin moves off the edge.
Block Shedding
Jones had an issue with trying to shed blocks consistently. This was more so true on passing plays than run plays.
Chandler Jones' ability to get a hand on and successfully wrap up RBs is what makes him such a terror in the running game. He barely ever misses a tackle, nor a sack.
Jones is a tenacious edge rusher who will run through any offensive lineman or double team necessary to force a tackle, sack, and or fumble.
Doesn't take plays off during a game, and has the endless tenacity and ability to beat double coverage and shed chip blocks like their paper. For many OL, their only option is to hold Jones.
Jones' initial speed is a little slow for an edge rusher, but he makes up for it with a quick first step and high acceleration.
Jones has never had a severe injury in his career and hasn't had endured any injury since 2015.
Chandler Jones has the prototypical size and weight for an NFL edge rusher at 6'5", 260 lbs. Moreover, Jones is one of only seven NFL players with a wingspan over 7'.
The only legal issue that Chandler Jones has faced throughout his career pertained to when he had a bad experience with synthetic marijuana. He faced no suspension for the issue and has no additional egregious legal matters.
Jones' technique optimize his strength, power, and quickness, especially with finesse moves.
Jones has the effort and discipline necessary to be a successful edge rusher because he usually remains focused on his responsibility to keep contain. He also has the toughness and determination required to beat double teams.
While Jones was a reasonably consistent run stopper, he was inconsistent as a pass rusher. Even though double teams made it harder for him to be as successful as he was in 2017, Jones still had lapses where he would go three weeks without recording a sack.
Last season, Chandler Jones was hugely successful at disrupting and stopping the run. His ability to perform quality swim and spin moves helped him get separation from OL and continuously burst through the line of scrimmage. Once he was through the line of scrimmage, Jones was able to get his hands on the QB/RB and successfully bring them to the ground without giving up a missed tackle. Also, his incredible 7'+ wingspan, acceleration and arsenal of finesse moves are what gives him the rack up pressures and sacks on opposing quarterbacks. Even when he is double-teamed, Jones has the motor and tenacity required to still be disruptive in the passing and running games.
Last season, Chandler Jones had issues when it came to shedding blocks from bigger, elite OT. In 2018, Jones was often able to get an initial push on the OT but then struggled to gain separation on a power move or push the tackle back much further, if at all. In addition, he could improve his game if he focused on making sure he doesn't overcommit too much when trying to bring pressure on a QB.
Overall Analysis
Last season, Chandler Jones once again proved that he is one of the most successful edge rushers in the NFL. In Steve Wilks' system, Jones was able to terrorize opposing backfields by always being disruptive in both the running and passing games. As a result, he was able to accumulate an impressive 13 sacks and 49 combined tackles. Although, while Jones was successful in Wilks' 4-3 system as a DE, it was evident that Jones is more productive and comfortable playing in a 3-4 scheme as an OLB whose primary responsibility is pass rush. With Arizona reverting to a 3-4 system under new defensive coordinator, Vance Joseph, Chandler Jones should return to being an elite NFL pass rusher.
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