My Scouting Report for CeeDee Lamb

CeeDee Lamb

Team : Dallas Cowboys | Sports : Football | Position : WR | Status : Active | Location :United States

Player Scouting Report

Players Scouting Reviewer : myles.whitmore . Position :Wide Receiver [WR]

While CeeDee Lamb can occasionally turn on the jets, he is far from a speed demon. His straight-line speed is adequate but his initial quickness is underwhelming.
Pass Catching
CeeDee Lamb has the most reliable hands of this draft class. QBs can depend on Lamb to regularly make contested catches, one-handed catches, and diving catches. Moreover, his large catch radius and strong fingertips help him haul in any catchable (and often uncatchable) pass thrown his way.
Route Running
Lamb still has a lot of improvement to make as a route runner. He has the ability to make nice cuts and displays a great release to beat press coverage. Nevertheless, his footwork on routes is inconsistent, and his release often lacks explosiveness.
Prior to the 2019 season, CeeDee Lamb devoted much of his time to bulk up, and it paid off in dividends. During his senior season, Lamb excelled at breaking tackles, stiff-arming defenders, and shedding press coverage. This strength prevents him from getting pushed off his routes.
Vertical Ability
Despite Lamb's underwhelming speed, he has enough acceleration to gain some separation down the field. Plus, he is great at using his aggressive ball skills to outmuscle defenders and locate the ball to create big plays.
Run after Catch
When Lamb went against Big 12 defenders, he excelled at making people miss in space. He will face tougher defenses at the next level, but his skills after the catch will be one of his best assets. Therefore, he should almost always have the ball in his hands.
Catching in Traffic
CeeDee Lamb was one of the best receivers in his draft class when it came to hauling in contested catches. He excels at ripping the ball away from defensive backs, especially deep down the field. If his QB can give him enough accuracy, Lamb is able to make a big play.
Big Play Ability
CeeDee Lamb is a big play waiting to happen. He can haul in contested catches and turn screen passes into explosive plays. He likely won't be as successful when he competes against tougher CBs. Still, coaches would be foolish to refrain from putting the ball in his hands.
He suffered a shoulder injury in 2018.
CeeDee Lamb's toughness regularly energized his teammates. He is a tenacious WR who can fend off press coverage and bully defenders after the catch. Moreover, he is a sensational blocker who helped RB, Kennedy Brooks, churn out huge runs on the outside.
Throughout Lamb's collegiate career, he was always a productive wideout. He averaged nearly 1,100 yards per season, 19 yards per catch and hauled in 32 touchdowns.
No known character issues.
Deep Threat
His deep-threat ability will likely translate to the NFL. He excels at using his aggressiveness to terrorize smaller CBs and beat tight coverage. The Cowboys should look to utilize his skillset down the field as often as possible.
Over the Middle
Lamb wasn't extensively used across the middle because he excels best on the outside. Moreover, Jalen Hurts often missed Lamb when he was in the slot for quick slants. Therefore, there isn't as much analysis for how this will translate to the next level
Overall, Lamb has the intangibles needed to be a future star. He can be lined up all over the field, go in motion, and perform the grunt work with ease.
While Lamb isn't the most consistent wideout, he is usually productive during most of his games.
At the next level, CeeDee Lamb will be the most reliable wideout of his draft class. Regardless of whether he is open, or competing against tight coverage, Lamb will find a way to complete the catch. In fact, Lamb has an extensive history of making spectacular catches. Due to his aggressive ball skills, and extensive catch radius, Lamb is always a threat to create big plays at the intermediate and deep levels of the field. Additionally, he excels after the catch and can make defenders miss in space or bulldoze through them with his strength. Speaking of strength, Lamb excels at outmuscling press coverage, making remarkable blocks on the outside, and being physical during his routes.
Route running is CeeDee Lamb's biggest area of improvement. Fortunately, this issue is more about consistency than ability, because Lamb can occasionally make crisp cuts and showcase an explosive release. Nevertheless, Lamb will need to showcase this ability more often in order to be a more complete receiver. Speed is also an area of concern for CeeDee Lamb because his initial burst is underwhelming. Therefore, he will likely struggle against speedy corners with solid footwork.
Overall Analysis
When the Cowboys selected CeeDee Lamb in the draft, they struck gold. In the NFL, Lamb will excel deep down the field on the outside, especially in jump ball situations. Lamb will also provide Dak Prescott with the safety valve he needs at the intermediate level, where Lamb is great at gaining significant separation. Moreover, he can be utilized in the screen game, and his outstanding blocking skills will help Ezekiel Elliot create big runs on the outside. He'll likely have to adjust to competing against tougher CBs since he is used to inferior Big 12 corners. Therefore his route running issue will likely be evident while he attempts to fix this issue. Nevertheless, Lamb will most likely play similarly to De'Andre Hopkins because of his physical frame, aggressive ball skills, and big play ability after the catch.
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